You have to try coconut oil

You’ve probably heard your grandmother talk about how beneficial it can be coconut oil for skin and hair. One thing that is gaining much popularity these days as beauty specialists recommend this oil to strengthen and improve hair. And if you can not believe it, you should know that the benefits of coconut oil are the only scientifically proven.

In other words, every time you apply coconut oil to your hair for granted that you get shine and humectar├ís your scalp, preventing dandruff or psoriasis, thanks to the antibacterial properties containing this aromatic oil. In addition to improving your hair, coconut oil will reduce your stress because its aroma reduces mental fatigue. In other words, whenever conditioners your hair with coconut oil also mimar├ís your “head” that may be about to burst with so much stress and worry.

Like any beauty procedure you must follow certain restrictions so that you achieve a good result.

1. You must get a virgin coconut oil that does not contain odor and other artificial ingredients.

2. If you can do it yourself oil at home, you’ll have the security of a pure oil apply yourself.

3. The best way to use it without leaving greasy residue is to apply as they do in the Philippines, where coconut oil is used before the first wash shampoo. For this take a little oiling in your hands and spread evenly through hair and massage the scalp for about two to three minutes. Leave it for 10 or 15 minutes. Meanwhile you can shave your legs, exfoliate your body and your heels. Then rinse your hair and wash your hair proceeds as usual.

5. Coconut oil is recommended for all hair types, even when it has been processed with dyes, relaxers, keratins and permanent.

You can also apply coconut milk to your hair and let it set for about two hours (after covering your head with a hat or plastic bag). This milk the get canned in section Latino or Thai products. When you buy the milk can be sure that at least 80 percent of its content is pure milk. Since many brands of milk mixed with water.

It is noted that although coconut oil is one of the natural products with better nutrition for hair is not miraculous when it comes to damaged hair or open and burnt ends. The only way to completely get rid of brittle hair cutting inches is necessary.

Mask coconut oil and other natural products: In a mixing bowl mix two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil, two tablespoons of plain yogurt (whole milk) and a tablespoon of pure honey. Shake the mixture from side to side until all ingredients are well mixed. Apply it the mixture on freshly washed hair wet. Leave for about 15 minutes and then remove with warm water.

Personally I prefer to use coconut oil before washing my hair because if I use it as a mask tends to be somewhat greasy. (Since two shampoos remove excess fat). I suggest you try the two ways to find the most conducive to your hair. Being such oily product is good that you apply to start slowly. And if your hair is oily it is not recommended that you use it often.

The latest in coconut oil

And not just talking about how beneficial it is coconut oil for hair, but it is the only scientifically proven oil that can penetrate the hair shaft. And because it can enter the hair is that it can strengthen and repair from the inside out. Unlike other oils that do not penetrate the hair strand, coconut oil penetrates from root to tip.