You can tatuar diabetics?

People suffering from diabetes, contrary to what is generally believed, tattoos can always be done and they have well-controlled glucose levels. It is true that cares about hygiene standards in tattoo studios must be in perfect condition, because these people are more prone to infection and scarring is not adequate.

That that diabetes, tattoos and piercings should not be united is not true.

What parts of the body should not get tattooed a diabetic

According to experts, it is not recommended tattoos made in areas where insulin is applied. These areas are the forearm, abdomen or thighs. The aggression against the skin when tattoo in that area, may leave sensitive that part which is usually injected hormone insulin, causing infections and in very drastic cases, amputation. It should also avoid certain areas of the body with low circulation, such as the ankles, wrists, lower leg or buttocks.

First of all, it is always recommended that you follow these tips after getting a tattoo. Also, if you opt for a temporary tattoo, diabetic person should take into account that natural henna is most appropriate and not opt ​​for the black henna. Lee risks of black henna.

Medical Technology and tattoos that can identify a diabetic

Draper Laboratories of American origin, has in door development that will benefit people with diabetes who want to get tattooed. It is to create special fluorescent inks that indicate changes in the patient glucose.

The color change tattoos at the time that a glycemic alteration occurs, and a scanner will be appreciated by infra red light. This method will allow diabetics not have to suffer finger pricks.

As for tattoos chronically ill or who have allergies to medicines, endocrine support these people a symbol that identifies the disease tattooed. Chest or arms, a tattoo is quite striking to notice. It is not about scoring as is done with cattle, no. This is the person who suffers some kind of pathology is quiet at a time where you can not get to be aware, and a gem (which is most commonly used for these purposes and often remove them once you get to a hospital) can lost at the wrong time. Medical professionals often carefully observe any marks we have in the body and can provide them with information. What’s better than a tattoo?

Tattoo designs that identify diabetes

The most commonly used design is the caduceus (symbol of medicine) consisting of a rod with two snakes entwined and two outstretched wings. They are also often used designs insulin syringes with the word, or the same word that identifies the patient (as the photo). There are a variety of elements that you can choose and also are great for your body.

Famous Diabetics with tattoos

Darren Brass: one of the artists tattooists series Miami Ink, diabetes type 1. For almost all his body tattooed.

-Maradona: The great footballer, and other problems, suffers from type 2 diabetes and looks some tattoos.

Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison.

Tommy Lee, Motley Crue drummer has type 2 diabetes

One last note

Having diabetes does not affect the time of tattooing or body piercing. As I said at the beginning of this article, only must take appropriate measures before making any changes in your body. The only problem is that healing may take a little longer than usual. Many tattooists performed in several sessions a diabetic tattoo, not to traumatize the area too if the design is great.