Woman almost dies to dye her hair

If you hair is dyed at home or are thinking of going to the salon to apply a new color for the first, surely will think before putting a chemical on the hair. And in recent weeks it has run through social networks the news of a woman who nearly died after having painted his hair at home.

And this was not to be left too long because the dye, or that you have given a breathing attack after having smelled the strong chemical. According to press reports, the woman who nearly died from a dye at home, is really deathly ill because he developed an allergic reaction to the dye. But there was an allergy skin or scalp, but a type of allergic reaction that put the heart to miles of fast and could barely breathe.

Le woman identified as Marina Williamson, 33, was shocked when doctors told her the reason why she was sick.

When asked the woman if she had noticed anything unusual the previous times that you used the dye, it noted that it had never developed anything it look like an allergy. Rather, what if you had noticed it is that sometimes not all received the same results when applied the same dye, that is not always the color you like or was covered differently.

What is phenylendiame or PPD?

A chemical ingredient known as phenylendiame (PPD) was what made this woman have to run to the hospital to save her life. And the reality is that if you dyed your hair will always have to use a dye containing this chemical, since 99 percent of hair dyes are prepared with the PPD. Even natural dyes contain PPD. But that does not mean that now all women will develop allergies to dyes.

But this news should cause great concern among those who use dyes at home, but rather caution. Since reactions to PPD are not common, but if they have been recorded deaths PPD allergies.

Do not panic others, better pay attention to the following tips before applying any type of dye at home.