Why more hair falls out for three months

As soon as you see the leaves begin to fall from the trees, ready for you start to notice that you are losing more hair than ever. Indeed, this loss occurs during the fall when sunlight illuminates us for fewer hours and therefore changes the production of melanin in our body, causing more hair fall.

But it is a normal procedure the human body, so do not panic when you see more hair than usual in your brush or comb, in the sink, in the colander tub after washing your hair, or even in bed or on the floor or carpet in your home. And if you do not happen in the fall, it can happen during the winter or during other times where you have to move your hair as a normal part of being human. The same applies to the animals, they shed their fur.

According to dermatologists, they say that every day up to 15 percent of our hair can be in a process of change.

With each hair appears we lose another, so do not get upset when you see your hair fall. Of course I refer to a “normal” hair loss, not a case of alopecia, post partum stage or after submitting to a process of chemotherapy.

Moreover, experts say that this “normal” lasts about three months, so process develops patience and do not go running to buy whatever product advertised on TV vitamins for hair loss. Simply botarĂ¡s your time and money because as part of a natural process, The hair has to fall! I also remember you, if you’re going through a time of tension or stress, you’ll notice more fall than ever.

My recommendation is to wait three months and if you notice too keep losing hair then take an appointment with a dermatologist to this orient you and make you relevant evidence to find out what is going on with your hair.

Moreover, I want to have a product that is raging in Europe and the United States to help those who for one reason or another are losing more hair than normal. I mean oxygenation treatment to prevent hair loss, the Italian company UNA Rolland.

What it is: According to the manufacturer the Procapil is a molecule that stimulates metabolism of the follicle cells and prevents falling through reinforcement of the epithelium of the hair bulb. Trace elements, vitamins and natural actives in this product increase microcirculation and tissue oxygenation, prolonging the duration of the growth phase.

How to Apply: Apply varis drops of liquid using the dropper that includes the product and massage on the scalp after washing your hair or between washes. Do this daily or at least three times a week for two or three consecutive weeks.

But if you use it as a preventive treatment or maintenance apply it twice a week for five or six weeks. Never rinse.

My experience: I apply it to your scalp is a very rich feeling because you feel like a refreshing mint or liquid was falling into your scalp. Best of all is that you can apply to your hair freshly combed with hand dryers because no “friza” or cause any change in hair texture. It is an absorbing liquid, not an oil that can ruin your hairstyle. Its smell is a bit strong, but it disappears after a few minutes.

Remember, that if hair loss is multiplied and exceeds more than a month, you should visit the dermatologist.