Why all they complain of weak hair?

Everything is more modern and the whole situation seems to have better solutions every day, but every day, more and more women lose more hair. Do you happen to feel the hair no longer as plentiful as before? Or your hair takes longer to grow than ever? … If you get one of these questions, welcome to the reality of most women worldwide. And it is that more and more women are facing hair loss and weakening like never before.

As explained by the famous stylist and color expert hair, Phillip Kingsley, the overall market is in need of products to help women cope with hair loss. He himself famous stylist explains the newspaper The Telegraph that clients get where he complaining that they have less hair that has become thinner. It is noteworthy that Kingsley was the stylist of the famous actress Audrey Hepburn.

It is estimated that one in three women complain of weakness in the hair, but Kingsley bet more, estimating that actually 80 percent of the women are living with less hair every time.

Why women’s hair is weakened?