When should resort to permanent eyebrow makeup?

Is very fashionable tattooed eyebrows. Many times it is not necessary to use a micropigmentation because eyebrow makeup that you can do yourself and see step by step on any channel Youtube, safe’ll be perfect.

Remember that in some cases the cosmetic result is too artificial, especially when you’re very young and you do it just to follow trends.

When should resort to permanent makeup for eyebrows? Cases in which are necessary

• To correct the almost imperceptible or nonexistent eyebrows. This happens too with women either have or lack of hair on his eyebrows for some sequel related to cancer and chemotherapy, or because they were too young when they became too plucking a matter of fashion.

• To fill gaps in the eyebrows visible sparsely populated. That usually happens when we age. There are areas of the eyebrows that are clear and cumbersome work is being filling them with makeup to make them perfect.

• To disguise scars. A scar on an eyebrow is hard to hide with traditional makeup. Many men have it and do not mind showing a cut on his eyebrow. Sometimes even they do that because they like scar effect. In a woman it is different because eyebrows is a very important point in the daily gesture in beauty care.

In this link you can see

-When Should be resorted to permanent makeup for eyebrows for aesthetic reasons

If you are determined to use micropigmentation because you have very clear, read the following link

-things To consider before realizarte a safe micropigmentation.

– The day of treatment

You will get an appointment for micropigmentation.

– Follow-up after treatment

You’ll notice changes from first to second day. Will scabs, climb color, tightness. All these processes are normal and wearing proper hygiene, need not worry.

The scabs are gone. You’ll notice a drop exaggerated color, as if the pigment was not. This process is also normal. The pigment will not stabilize until after 30 or 40 days from the date of treatment.

They can start using creams and makeup.

The specialist will assess the possibility of a touch, making control of color and intensity and saturation. If the pigment is equally in all areas or lost a point. Also review the design, which will assess whether it is right or need to modify some point.