What are eyelash extensions and how they are placed

In addition to using a curling iron and mask (remember, use use a mascara your lashes care) in recent times there have been technical specialists who are also looking to beautify your eyes. It seems that false eyelashes already passed into history and gave way to the extensions.

In 2008, Marta, which has Alen has dual US nationality and Spanish- left the New York Stock Exchange and the world of finance to enter the beauty. He pointed to a beauty school in Manhattan specializing in nail and since then has not stopped. In Madrid opened a few years Escape (www.escapemadrid.com) ago, a leading center manicures and pedicures and friendly co-ie with 100% organic and natural. Now, in addition, they have expanded their field of work and have introduced services eyelash extensions but tried to use the same exacting standards that characterize them when working with nails. We spoke with Marta on lash extensions us to resolve our doubts.

1- What it is the most important thing to ask an establishment where eyelash extensions are offered;? The most important demand is the cleanliness and hygiene of the instruments, good lighting and high quality products are used. In Escape for instance we are very strict with the issue of hygiene and all instruments are sterilized after each use in a medical grade autoclave.

2- What is the technique? How the tabs are placed;? The goal is to get a longer and thicker eyelashes with a natural look. They are placed one to one beyond the natural lashes using a special adhesive, another aspect that must be very demanding. In our center empleaños one that is the least damage to the eye and can make the eyelashes while maintaining the strength of the adhesive. There are many very toxic that cause irritation to the eye, so following our eco-friendly philosophy seek the safest.

3- Are there different levels of quality in the tabs; Yes there are synthetic eyelashes which can cause more allergies than those of a natural-material -too those of finas- mink and silk. And the different quality affects the price. We use and recommend silk because they lose their curvature and give very good results.

4- What data are taken into account when choosing eyelashes extensions for a person? ¿Natural length of your eyelashes? Is the thickness, color, curvature …;? The first thing to consider is the quality and the shape of the natural eyelash of the client and know the effect you want, to advise the most appropriate.

5- Can you say how many tabs are recommended for a natural but flattering result? Typically, the average would be between about 80-120 lashes per eye.

6- What risks may appear to wear them or during maintenance;? There is no risk, because at any time the skin is touched and as I said earlier, we use Escape adhesives that are less toxic but have the same force. What differentiates few other centers is whether they want to spend more on adhesives more expensive and less toxins or not.

7- Can I put up with lenses? Are there people who are contraindicated, Yes you can put, but during the procedure have to remove them. ¿Contra? If you have any allergies or eye infection such as conjunctivitis.

8- Do you have to consider some tips for preventive maintenance;? You have to use water-based products without any oil to clean eyelashes.

9. Can I wear a mask normal eyelashes; Yes, no problem.

10- Is it true that products can not be used waterproof; Yes it is true because to remove it would have to use oil-based products and are not recommended.

11- How often lash extensions are renewed? Every 6-8 weeks is recommended. Fillers are usually done every 2-3 weeks.

12- You can carry both redheads and blondes and brunettes with a natural result; Yes, you have to choose the right one for hair color, skin color and tone natural eyelash.

13- Can you give me a fork as a reference price;? Set complete tab € 80-120. Filling 40-60 €.