Wellies women, children and men of Havaianas

It is a curious thing about the Brazilian firm Havaianas. No need to put their models here flipflops are associated with the joy of summer, with the sand, the beach and comfort. It is hard to imagine a house that is characterized by to pay homage to the sun in every one of his designs is made to make shoes gray rainy days.

Well, if we consider that the rubber used for the flip-flops is the same as for wellies, the association is immediate.

At another point we have reviewed the limited edition sybaritic English designer Matthew Williamson, known for its stunning long or cocktail dresses. Well, today we bring these models of shoes for the whole family. Desenfados are economic, durable designs and essential in any wardrobe.

It is one of the novelties of the house wellies for children made with bright, fun colors. As in the case of the proposal for adults they are made mid-calf or below the knee. They are topped with typical fretwork relief that characterizes the signature Havaianas flipflops. And the floor, like summer shoes, takes the roughness in the form of grain of rice that does so much for comfort.

Needless to say that children enjoy jumping puddles and some wellies are essential in any fund children’s closet. I advise, if your little one has to wear school uniform, you probably go for solid colors half leg. They are vibrant and have a pretty special metallic touch. They are suitable for school and on weekends.

Since Kate Moss appeared at the Glastonbury Festival wrapped in a rubber boots and legs wearing a mini shorts, in a jiffy, the accessory no longer dull and dark to soar as one of the most popular supplements. And the British model herself knows how to fashion any garment. And rain boots have not been left behind!

It is no longer solely a comfortable shoe or utility, it is wildly.

I will not deny that there are trades (male or female) who demand wellies. But these models (linked to the sea or agricultural work) respond to the concept of professional footwear and therefore have nothing to do with fashion. They are typical boots military green or navy. These rain boots, even though practices can not be considered a shoe fashion. Not for little kids, or for people addicted to trends, nor for men who care about their style.

However, Havaianas rubber boots, as their male thongs, yes are suitable for boys and men who seek something more than a practical footwear. The unisex model image, for example, is good for the leisure time with jeans, corduroy or cotton.

Like the rest of the collection, it is presented on two levels: one just below the knee and mid leg. Prices are accessible to any pocket as hover (all models) 50 euros (about $ 60). You can buy your wellies in official Havaianas stores. Is there something more durable and practical (now also beautiful) than a katiuskas?

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