Transform your dry hair

No matter what color, cut or hairstyle you wear, if your hair is dry you can not look shiny and beautiful. The reasons that lead to dry out hair are varied and range from genetic causes to which we apply and how we treat it. Some of the causes for hair include dry away from direct sunlight, salt water pool or the heat of dryers and irons, as well as submission to chemical procedures such as dyes, perms and others. In dermatological terms, the hair becomes dry when the sebaceous glands do not produce enough oil to keep the scalp moisturized and thus the strands of hair. It is based on the texture of your hair or because they expose to the sun or chemicals you can follow these tips to restore gloss. The most important thing is to start to take care of today.

1.Evita wash your hair every day, it is advisable to wash dry hair is two to three times a week.

2.USA special shampoo and conditioner for dry or damaged hair. Try to use the least possible amount of shampoo less, as too much dry shampoo application of hair, especially if you use a shampoo containing sulfates. Every two months wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to “detoxify” the hair of all waste that accumulate in the hair.

3.Por least once a week applies a mask or intensive treatment to moisturize the hair. Although the instructions say to apply it for only three to five minutes, the longer you let your hair will benefit more. You can also get a plastic cap and pass the hair strand to better absorb vitamins and nutrients containing treatment. Remember that you do not have to spend money on special nascarilllas, often foods that have at home are prepaparar excelnetes for homemade masks, as honey and yogurt, or follow up with a little olive oil or coconut.

4. When wash and rinse the head constantly massage the scalp to stimulate the sebaceous glands. As I said before these are responsible for segregating the natural oil, so if you massage the scalp you are more likely to generate more brightness.

5.Each two days a little oil applied to the tips. If you do not mind the smell of olive oil, occasionally you can apply some of the tips, its effect is wonderful. You can also spray some cooking spray on the brush that you comb your hair every night every two or three days so that when you brush your hair

6.La mainly dry note on the tips, so you should cut as soon notes that are starting or have split ends. Do not forget that to maintain a healthy hair is important to cut the tips every two months.

7.De useless to use the best hair products or visit the best stylist or hairdresser if you’re not careful inside out. This means taking a lot of water and eating foods beneficial to the growth and strength of your hair. For example, eating foods rich in Omega -3 are excellent to hydrate the hair and maintain healthy folic responsible for the growth of your hair. You can find omega 3 in fish like salmon and tuna. You should also consume often servings of nuts, almonds, strawberries and cucumbers.

8.Evita abuse the dryer, curling irons and ironing boards. Excess heat too dry hair. Hair experts say you should not use the iron more than two or three times a month. The more heat Applets to the hair, this will be more likely to break and of course to lose its natural shine.

9. Opts to put a water filter to the shower. Often the chemicals added to the water system are harmful to the skin and hair as stolen natural oils and leaving them dry.