Top 10 brands of sneakers

And they are not all they are, but they are all listed below. I start accepting that is a personal choice and chances are you have your favorite brand. But as I have to give my opinion, here goes

Born in 1964, Nike shoes have become an emblem of quality when shoeing the feet of athletes from various disciplines. You must find the right model to your favorite sport. There is something for everyone, even for the skateboard. The house is constantly researching new forms, materials and combinations;. More »

Result of division and fight to the death of the brothers Dassler, Adidas born in 1949, although the parent company had been operating since 1924. They were present (with its original name) at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Today sporting designs competition and lightweight fashion footwear;. More »

Sister, in the literal sense, Adidas, Puma headquarters still remains in the Bavarian village where they were born in the early twentieth century. Were the first manufacturers to put studs on the soles of football boots. Today, clothes and shoes are chosen by a sports superstar likes of Usain Bolt,. More »

The name is from 1958, although the original shoes are from the late nineteenth century. The Reebok became fashionable in the eighties when the white model combined with tight leggings and wide shirts with epaulets. The latest designs of the house, but takes up that tradition, have been refined to suit contemporary tastes. More »

Born in the cold lands of Finland Mäntylä the hand of the brothers in the early twentieth century, Karhu also have an interesting story behind full of anecdotes and sporting success. Although its heyday was in the seventies with new air system embedded in the soles today they have been readapted to the demanding contemporary requirements. Karhu means “bear” in Finnish;. More »

In the same period is the aristocratic brand created by René Lacoste, a successful tennis player nicknamed “the crocodile”. Today the firm makes almost everything, offering gateway for man and woman, clothing, accessories, handbags and of course, shoes. Lacoste you can find everything from flip-flops to heels. The crocodile has become synonymous with good clothing and quality.

They are in dance since 1908 and are one of the shoes with more myth of the windows. Converse have entered the world of cinema and renowned designers such as John Varvatos or Missoni collaborate with the mark in some way or another. They are at the forefront of fashion trends. The most classic often made on canvas, but the skin are particularly glamorous;. More »

Born in Barcelona trying to respond to different sports such as boxing. Today, the Munich are made for the whole family and of different types (ballerinas, espadrilles, dress boots …). You can also decant customize your design with a simple program available on the online site of the house. More »

You do not confuse the name, as they are Danish promotion and have always been manufactured in the Czech Republic, even under the harsh Communist regime. Kawasaki are that the last few seasons back with an irresistible retro and extremely simple air. More »

These themselves are Japanese and designed by Seishi Tanaka, who has nothing to do with Shin Tanaka, designer curios (dolls and decorative objects) which occasionally also ventures into the complicated world of footwear. Which we review today are marketed under the name TST shoes and vibrant colors, sleek design, craftsmanship and flawless execution result has seduced fashionistas.

Have you already chosen your sneakers? You’d will be difficult to choose one brand;! More »