To buy or not to buy pirate bags?

Many women do not even think it and have the first trip to New York immediately head to Chinatown to buy pirates to them, or even worse bags for resale to their friends or acquaintances!

Quite apart from the ethical and legal implications of this, there are many other reasons which should not buy pirated handbags. Here I share some of them.

1. Not at all “cool”

Carrying under his arm a Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Hermès false far from making yourself look good and sophisticated, you will see quite wrong to those who have the knowledge of how an original, as it will give the idea that you want to impress or you have a no knowledge of fashion, you let deceive and gave you for a ride.

2. It is always better to wear something original

If your budget only enough for you to buy a bag in Zara or Gap is much more worthy than opt for knockoffs. In fact these brands that sell at much more affordable prices and to a much wider market with models inspired by the great fashion houses, although they are not made with quality or with the materials of the expensive bags are good options you They will last one or two seasons, but that look nice with your wardrobe.

3. You get what you pay for

Many people think, why buy an original Burberry if I can get identical? Completely wrong. These brands not only created their designs, but stitch them with the best quality and the best materials, so an original model (choice, it is better to opt for the designs of skin by fabric) will last many more years good condition.

4. It is an investment

Models of houses as Chanel, Gucci or Hermés usually have a good price on the vintage market when the time for any reason decide to get rid of them. In fact, a good bag is an item that can be inherited because they are usually classic models that do not go out of fashion and with such good shape that remains in good condition.

Well, those are purely superficial reasons, here we put others that I hope more weight to discourage buying fakes.

5. You put yourself at risk

You’re going to New York and already makes you salivate to go to Chinatown and see all the “identical” bags to those achieved in the most exclusive boutiques for a ridiculous price. Well, the making and selling fakes is considered illegal, these models not going to get into the public eye. Vendors normally you want to carry concealed and hidden places to make the transaction. Are you willing to put yourself in danger and go to a hidden place with a stranger for a bag of imitation?

6. You support networks of drug trafficking and child exploitation

Selling piracy is an illegal activity, and more harmless it may seem buy a bag of imitation, the truth is that behind the manufacture and distribution of these items are networks of traffickers who not only engaged in that, but dealing drugs pirate discs and stolen cars, among other things. Some of them use children for their illegal businesses.

7. Many are not cheap

There are some fakes that have pretty good quality, which come in a flannel bag imitation too, that mimic all hallmarks of the brand, and therefore are nothing cheap. If you buy a designer bag in a place other than the boutique of this or a recognized department store, doubt if I want to sell as original, because it can be an imitation. You might think you are paying a bargain for an original, but actually still a lot of money for a fake. Far better to invest that money in an original model of another brand that it is more affordable.