The most beautiful woman short hair of the Universe

The years will pass and everyone who saw the Miss Universe 2015 contest will remind the representative of Jamaica. And the Jamaican Kaci Fennell stood out among the 88 participants to bring pegadito very short hair and pixie type. But beyond calling attention to wear short hair in a contest where most of the contestants wearing long hair, Kaci was distinguished by wearing safety to walk and talk. Even he said he took the short hair to show that beauty is beyond the parameters discussed society.

The safety of this beautiful woman is such that when he walked across the stage would seem that she was bigger than him. Precisely cut short hair forces a woman to show more personality and security. This was explained by the Argentine stylist Sebastian Mendez. “You have no hair to move, so you have to make the best of you to highlight”.

But Miss Jamaica did not cut the hair to go to Miss Universe, she has always liked to wear short hair.

Have you considered taking good short like Miss Jamaica hair? Find out if the style “Pixie” is for you