The greatest icons of art, politics and show their tattooed version

Artists and celebrities of yesterday and today have been tattooed by Cheyenne Randall using the technique of Photoshop. Of course, these celebrities do not have to endure the pain of the needle because this has been replaced by a pen the American illustrator and skin has served as a canvas to decorate the most popular actors photos, singers, painters and even names policy .

Cheyenne Cheyenne artist Randall Randall surprised his work with Photoshop tattooed celebrities getting a stunning effect and drawing the attention of fashion brands and advertisers. His work has provided great media interest, since the pictures are distinguished by the quality and exquisiteness to choose the style of tattoo for each character, as identified with their personality and style.

Randall, 36, who lives in Seattle, started drawing tattoos on photos of celebrities who published magazines with motifs inspired by his Indian ancestry. It was a way of imagining a parallel life of the most representative icons.

In an interview with NBC’s Today, Randall talked about his process: I taught myself Photoshop and so began a slight obsession to see out of curiosity what some of my favorite iconic personalities look like maybe they were in a parallel universe or took another path in life. I just really let my imagination run wild.

The images of all his work can find them on your page Tumblr or Instagram. According to what the artist in his Instagram account, photographs are not for sale and only are to enjoy them and share them, but if you are interested in something special can contact the artist about buying through his Tumblr page.

For now, here’s a preview of all your wonderful work.

Marlon Brando in the style hipster, traditional tattoos with sailors who feel the sea bien.¡Todo a sea lion!

Bruce Lee with Asian tattoos that represent faithfully and that many of us would have loved to see on your innumerable films.

You could not miss one of the most popular presidents in US history. In the picture you can see the first lady Jackie Kennedy with President John F. Kennedy, who has tattoos on the fingers with inscriptions Earth lost.

A striking image of the singer and songwriter John Lennon, which designs hearts and tribal tattoos seen.

Elvis Presley with tattoos on his arms. In the fingers it bears the inscription of one of his films and his lyrics. Do you get the picture moving her hips and showing all its glory on stage with these tattoos? Me: Yes!

This is one of the works that the artist Cheyenne Randall recently climbed to the network, as a tribute to the anniversary of the birth of King.

How many men would not have imagined so … The timeless beauty of the artist is unquestionably amazing.

With any style, with or without tattoos, it is the queen of sensuality. Marilyn will feel great these designs in color and black and gray.

The chest is a tattoo flash tattoo artist Phil Sparrow, one of the pioneers in the world of tattoo.