The best tattoos wrestling

Discover the best tattoos worn by the gladiators of the ring on the skin. Batista, La Roca, Rey Mysterio or show designs that identify them.

During his career, Batista has been 6 times World Champion, 4-time World Heavyweight Champion and 2 time WWE Champion, among many other achievements.

Batista has most of his tattooed body. But if there is something that distinguishes and highlights is the dragon looks back. A beautiful animal skin of “The Animal”.

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Dwayne Douglas Johnson is the name of this fighter who is also a film actor.

Among his achievements as a fighter highlights ten world championships, eight as Champion WWF / E and two WCW World Champion.

It is known to end all his speeches in the ring and presented on stage with the phrase “Can Do If You Smell What The Rock is !! Cooking?” which translates as: Can you smell … What the Rock is cooking?

The tattoo striking of the rock is the Polynesian Tribal design that is tattooed on his left arm. The design shows the Maori and samona essence, with this great fighter lives up to its roots.

Rey Mysterio is considered one of the best flying fighters in the history of wrestling. In WCW he won the World Team Championship three times and the WCW Cruiserweight Championship in Pairs of the WCW once with Billy Kidman. In WWE, Mysterio has been world champion three times.

Rey Mysterio in the stomach tattooed the word Mexican. A clear homage to its origins. Also it bears a striking wings in the chest that alludes to his quality when he fights.

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This fighter pursued a career in professional wrestling after retiring from football and signed by WWE in 2010.

Roman Reigns takes one of his powerful arms, specifically on the right, a tattoo that summarizes his Samoan traditions. This fighter is prime, of course, La Roca.

Besides liking to bite the dust to his opponents, CM Punk is passionate tattoo. Share that passion with these other 10 famous tattoos.

He says they must “have a deep, deep meaning” and are “like wearing your heart on your sleeve”.

They are not just pretty phrases. CM Punk shows his strong convictions in the etchings on his body designs. It has on the belly phrase STRAIGHT EDGE. It refers to a school of thought called as well and that is a follower. He opposes alcohol, snuff, sexual promiscuity and drugs. The fight against drugs is also the message DRUG FREE phrase you have in your fingers under the knuckles.

Other designs that looks refer to your discipline and your goals as a fighter. Several tattoos of snakes, skulls, cards or large Koi fish having one arm. All show strength and determination. No wonder. The initials of his nom de guerre, CM stands for “Matter Champion” …