The art of Tal Peleg. Fantasy and stories to make up your eyes

The boundless imagination of the professional makeup artist Tal Peleg has revolutionized social networks and internet. This professional makeup shows his work in a very important part of the face: eyes.

Taking advantage of the natural lines of the eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids, create full lines of movements that are introduced as natural strokes into stunning works of art that rebozan fantasy and color, conveying profound meaning.

Peleg, a native of Israel, is inspired by nature, tales, legends and dreamlike, squandering a torrent of fantasy that distinguishes it.

One of his work is inspired by the Disney movie, “Frozen”, you can enjoy at this gallery I show in Tattoos and Tal Peleg has given very kindly share.

Dare to try during this holiday season or for a business dinner with some of the stunning designs and crosses the border eyeliner and mascara. Enjoy these temporary tattoos made with conventional makeup. Become the character of a story.

These are the words pronounced Tal Peleg to describe his passion for the art of makeup

Makeup can make a woman feel more and more solemn, glamorous and beautiful day in your life, and just everyday life.

Makeup can dramatically change the face of the wearer and allows you to enter the character he plays.

Makeup can be a colorful, interesting and light decorative element, can be gloomy and dark, it is a wonderful way of expression, and can be done through the meanings and messages.

I tried painting and aesthetics since I can remember, the field of makeup transition was inevitable for me, and in recent years only intensified love.

I finished my makeup school in Yarin Shahaf, specializing in all areas of distribution, including special effects, and I’ve been working nonstop, enjoying every makeup I have done. In addition, I work in graphic design and photography, often combining different fields. Each gives an added value to both.

Bank of China

After midnight. It’s bedtime, but my head is busy with a million things. Thoughts more or less important. The last thing I want is to go to sleep.

With these words, Tal Peleg describes the composition of this design. He devoted himself, somehow, all those who want to enjoy the night or those who suffer insomnia.


Designs inspired by the film Frozen. Peleg such a fervent follower of the films based on legends and created by Disney is declared.

The result is FANTASTIC! The designs represent Disney characters: Elsa and Anna.

The princess and the Pea

Makeup inspiration in the legend tale “The Princess and the Pea”, a song written by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen work.

In this design, makeup Peleg mixture with a colored lens. Very successful combination and the symbolism of the story.

the Moomins

The Moomins is based on the tales and stories of Finnish author Tove Jansson and Lars on anime characters the same title.

For this design, the preferred Tal Peleg, has played the characters of the story in an extraordinary way. Wonderful!

Ana Frank’s diary

A perfect tribute to this moving work. Such Peleg has been exceeded (more if possible) in this work that seems impossible to be created by a pair of hands in such a small space. Only she has been able to produce a wonderful makeup design as this photo shows. Definitely my favorite.

Many thanks to Tal Peleg for their kindness and leave share their images to the gallery Tattoos fantasy makeovers. An honor to have her among us.

To learn more about the work of this great artist, visit the Facebook page of Tal Peleg MakeUp.