The 10 rules in the office Vintage

If you work in a creative office both as a conservative, there are always rules, often unwritten, for the way how you dress.

Therefore, if you like vintage clothes always comes to mind how, how and to what is appropriate to use?

Here I give you some tips on how to adapt the vintage to your work wardrobe.

1. Notes the atmosphere of your office: It’s not the same if you work as a graphic designer in a magazine if you do it in a law office or in the financial world. Which you work as a creative does not mean you are not allowed to use more vintage, if or do it in a more formal setting. What you have to do before anything else is yourself observe and assess what is allowed and what not, and then incorporate different vintage clothes to your professional wardrobe.

2. Define how you want to project: It is essential that you are clear about what you want to accomplish with your image, and how you define your style to distinguish yourself in the professional environment.

Lee: “Your image: Your cover letter” and “Your style: your visual identity” to help you have this clearer.

3. Do not become a caricature of the past: Yes, although it looks very “cool” the look of “Mad Men” and you work in a law firm, you can not go fully dressed as if you were in the 60s, you have to inspire and evoke the style but not totally see output that time.

Go: This interview with costume designer Janie Bryant who tells us how was inspired by one of the looks of the characters.

4. Clothing must be in good condition: Do not you dare wear a garment that looks totally worn and old, which is stained, moth that smells or is broken. If a garment that you buy you have to really assess whether you can rescue to look flawless despite his age.

Lee: “Caring coats” and “Caring for a sweater”

5. No short skirts or necklines: To see professional and earn the respect of your colleagues and bosses, have to avoid at all costs more revealing clothing, so forget about using a mini-dress or miniskirt 70 unless you’re working in a relaxed atmosphere, you do it with leggings underneath and have a slender figure. (Sorry girls with curves, we touched us to highlight our charms in other ways when you go to work).

6. Mix new with old: Do you have a suit that belonged to your grandmother, is beautiful and you’re thinking of using it as is? Do not do it! Using vintage will make you see all outdated instead of “hip”. Best Use skirt with a modern blouse and jacket with black pants or jeans for a casual Friday, so you will have two looks that will make you see the original, but modern.

7. Modernize the garment: Are you thinking wear a dress 80s you love, but that is too long for what is fashionable now? Do not consider more and take a seamstress or tailor to get it modernize and make the necessary adjustments to make it look current, but with that vintage touch.

8. Make use of the layered look: If you have a blouse secretary style (those with a bow at the neck) or a cute summer dress give the oficinesco touch using layers, using a long cardigan sober color belted at the waist with a belt or a modern blazer.

See: this fotogalería different vintage clothes with ribbons of different decades, to come now so fashionable, so you take inspiration.

9. Do not think that everything old is vintage: Using a garment that already has several decades will not necessarily go through vintage or will make you look “hip”. An old sweater 80 with no personality is that, an old sweater 80. You have to select very well the pieces around which you will build your look, to really be seen to bring something vintage, not something old .

10. Take hold accessories: Too shy to wear a vintage garment? Do not worry, always accessories can be your best friends when a vintage touch to your look, and are the best way to start letting go and encourage you to incorporate other garments.

Go: This photogallery vintage clutch bags and other accessories this decades.