The 10 most influential Latinos Tattooists Artists

The quality of his work and contribution to the world of ink have become the new generation of artists. His tattoos run through social networks and major conventions. His talent has become inspiration for many of us. Knows the names and works of the most influential Latinos tattooists. Be captivated with his art.

Yomico Moreno (Venezuela) are a tattoo artist since 2003. In mid-2005 is set in the city of Valencia (Venezuela) to take their first steps in a studio as a professional artist. There it remains until 2008 where part to Switzerland for a few months to join the staff of a recognized country store.

That same year returns to Venezuela to develop his career in Caracas, and that is where the national recognition begin to get the first prize tattoo conventions held around the Venezuelan territory.

In 2010 he was invited to participate in the International Convention of Denmark and it is this that opens the doors to the world to get first place in the categories of Realism and Color. Thereafter an artistic career developed between the European continent, Central and South America is clear.

Yomico Moreno’s work is impressive. Biomechanical designs and anatomical realism of many of his works are an example of creating this fascinating art tattoo master.

Alex De Pass was born in Grado (Italy). Alex pursues in his work the idea of ​​freedom for the global launch of the classic icons tattoo. His style and technique are unmistakable, and serve as a reference to a legion of fans requesting their work. The seminars involved are a reference for many tattoo artists who want to perfect techniques which creates Pass school.

He was born in Junin, Peru. Afincando in Argentina, Anglas Henry’s work is characterized by different styles that dominates mainly realism and surrealism.

During participates in national and international conventions tattoos. They conducts seminars and fusion of realism, giving the best of himself for the future new generation of tattooists.

Born in Uruguay, he lived in Spain for several years and recently practicing in Poland (Krakow).

His tattoos stand out in the dark biomech staff, with surrealistic accents, but handles all styles. Currently, Victor Portugal works in Krakow and travels the world with his art at conventions and most popular studies.

Creative, unique and adventurous. Juanma Zoombie was born in Barcelona and since it began in the tattoo world has not stopped moving around the world. His style is new school, with hints of comics and graffiti where the influence of many artists is evident.

Juanma jobs are immaculate, with clean lines. Acids and bright colors are unambiguous signature. Throughout his career he has received international recognition for their work and contribution.

He was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Since 2000 he began to dabble in the tattoo world, and in 2003 he began working professionally in various studies of Argentina. His study of private tattoos has in Argentina, but is asked to give seminars and exhibitions in the best national and international conventions tattoos.

Javier Obregon style is very much focused on the black / gray and oriental. His work causes a great visual impact by realism and large pieces.

Ismael Hidalgo was born and lives in Barcelona, ​​home of many tattoo artists. Since his childhood and felt that artistic sensibility that has allowed him to draw from comics to portraits. His interest in the tattoo begins following visualize the film Black Rain, in which tattoos appear very subtly.

In his work he discovered a style which highlights the new school and black / gray. Realism is another of its strengths, where pop culture is part of their inspiration. Ismael Hidalgo is also known for its clean lines and admired by important names in the world of tattoo. Their study, which runs with his wife Mitsuko C. (model tattoos and writer), is called Poker Tattoo.

Stefano Alcantara was born in Lima, Peru. His education began with a degree in Graphic Design at the Peruvian Institute of Advertising. Its introduction in the world of tattoo began when he was 18 years old. His fascination for art became a career, opened his own shop, Stéfano Tattoo Studio, which still operates today.

Alcantara’s work is impeccable, full of realism and where the black / gray plays an important role.

The son of Mexican mother and deep Latin roots, Nikko Hurtado was born in the San Fernando Valley (California). His work is easily recognizable by every lover dela ink. The realism of his tattoos (where excellence are the designs portrait) is characterized by impeccable works that seem to come to life at any time. Melting texture and color are the best weapons of this great artist known for large tattoo.

Nikko began to be featured in numerous television programs dedicated to ink like LA Ink, Tattoo Wars, Tori & Dean and Master Ink Spike TV. Her television appearances attracted the attention of celebrities who surrender to their art.

This year you can see it work in the best international tattoo conventions to be held in the coming months.

Since he started tattooing, more than fifteen years ago, he has been tattooing professionally in Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, his native Chile and in some of the most renowned studios in Toronto, up to consolidate its own style.

Indian designs have earned the worldwide recognition. They give off their Latin roots, the vibrant range of colors, versatility and subtlety finishes. Indian Reyes leads the tattoo studio Tattoo Studio Reyes in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico). This September 2014 you will see in the international tattoo convention in London.