Skin care during pregnancy

Thousands of women feel that a life inside is one of the most beautiful experiences, and even a blessing, is no excuse not to pamper yourself. Pregnancy is a complex stage, where your skin and hair may be affected if you do not take care of yourself properly.

dry skin, acne, blemishes (accentuating in Latino or brown), stretch marks, sore legs or porous hair are some of the most common changes. As is better safe than sorry, familiarize yourself with any of these brands that are ideal to pamper expectant mothers during pregnancy.

PS: Your skin looks lifeless? Conceals fatigue with little tricks of makeup!

For fond ecological, this line gives you an infinite number of alternatives to continue looking beautiful during the pregnancy. Josie Maran Cosmetics are safe and natural-all with characteristic argan oil. If you want to change your beauty products (yes, those containing parabens, chemicals or to the vanquished!) And adopt a more “green” routine for your sake and your baby, Josie Maran Cosmetics is an excellent bet. At the end of the day, it is a brand created by a very chic mom.

¿Favorites? Of course, exposing unprotected sun during pregnancy may be even more dangerous because the hormones cause mischief causing undesirable stains and marks on the face. It declared a fabulous product by beauty editors, Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer SPF 40+ (US $ 32.00) is responsible for blocking the sun’s rays, moisturize your face while leaving a delicious aroma.

Josie Maran Argan 100% Pure Oil ($ 48.00, picture), the star of the brand. This oil, in its purest form, is beneficial before, during and after pregnancy -a true multipurpose body, face, hands and hair;. More »

Mama Bee is the line for pregnant Burt’s Bees. If you already know the brand, you have to realize that its natural ingredients that do offer -and positive results with Mama Bee is no exception. With three keys to fighting the most annoying symptoms products, this line is presented as the simplest and practice.

– Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil (US $ 8.00), a light body oil with vitamins that will help keep your skin soft and moisturized longer.

– Mama Bee Belly Butter (US $ 13.00; image), extra-dense balm-cream composed of various butters preparing your “tummy” the moisturize and nourish, thus avoiding the dreaded stretch marks.

– Mama Bee Leg & Foot Creme (US $ 9.00), this mentholated lotion relieves tired legs or swollen, especially in the last months of gestation feet More “.

Mustela is the leading brand for skin care of babies in Europe and now is also available in USA, Mexico and Argentina. Mustela 9 Months contains specific products for women during pregnancy-say is the most comprehensive – covering most of the common problems. From bust lotions, body moisturizing, ointments for breastfeeding and postpartum gels, Mustela 9 Months is the perfect gift for the expectant mother.

¿Favorites? Stretch Marks Survival (pictured). For $ 42.00, you get the anti stretch marks and moisturizing body plus a guide to personal care and beauty tips cream. According to studies, women who used it noted an improvement of up to 100%! Undoubtedly, a set that will brighten your day your wife, daughter or friend;. More »

Mama Mio the prize for raise your self-esteem pregnant while relieving most of their physical symptoms. In addition, the line is known for its post-partum products that help you regain your figure from the first moment. Mama Mio uneconomical for many, however, offers mini sizes for you to try before making the investment.

¿Favorites? Mama Mio Lucky Legs Cooling Serum (US $ 19.50, image), a type treatment “spa” shiney finish feet or sore legs and Mama Mio Mighty Moisture Day & Night Moisturizer (US $ 48.00) so sleepy and tired who has time meet routine? This lightweight lotion is all-in-one, suitable to moisturize and protect your face no matter your age or skin type. More »

Seven out of nine pregnant women suffer or have suffered from extremely dry skin, making it difficult to feel beautiful even in maternity clothes. To calm this affliction, the trick is simple: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Sure, you can not do it with anyone.

In situations like this is when 100 Percent Pure surprise you. Each of their products (including makeup) is made of vegetables and fruit-perfect to keep your baby away from harmful substances. Exfoliants, meanwhile, contain the right mix of salt, sugar and oils that will return the softness to your skin in seconds. Pregnant what they need most now is time to themselves-and 100 Percent Pure gives you that “home spa” for little money.

¿Favorites? Orange, lime, almond, coconut (image), strawberry-lemon, vanilla, honey, chocolate, lavender … the options are endless! Everything depends on your taste, or perhaps scents that can resist at the time. Anyway, your skin will be moisturized and clean without annoying scales. Price: US $ 25.00; More ‘.

For the ladies who enjoy pharmacy products, Skinnygirl Mommy is the solution. For the price, the quality is unbeatable-the ingredients ranging from vitamin E to Shea butter and sesame oil, which, if not wise, are moisturizing agents in nature. Skinnygirl Mommy is an economic line, sold in stores like Walmart and pharmacies throughout the country. Ideal for pregnant gilts that are just experimenting with “potions” of motherhood.

¿Favorites? Skinnygirl Mommy Gift Set Kit (US $ 13.00, picture) a miniature set that allows you to test the various brands without risk. It includes a body oil, a moisturizing stick to the “pot belly” and a lip balm with glitter. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive -just a natural, cheap and serves as a last-minute gift product;. More »