Silk gloss: New treatment for damaged hair

A decade ago, the keratin treatment came to revolutionize the world of fashion design. When he started talking about this technique many could not believe that eventually there a way to control unruly hair and say goodbye to the use of the dryer for long hours. Finally, keratin emerged as a miracle for those who dreamed of having a soft, smooth, shiny hair and of course, free of frizz.

But, as with any invention, the first always gives rise to invent others, as has happened with keratin. The list of similar treatments, ranging from the highly recommended these days, treatment botox capillary to the newest on the market, the brightness of silk.

With just hearing the name shine silk one imagines that this treatment is perfect for getting that desired softness to your hair. Invented by a stylist in Brazil, this treatment is a capillary-based Retexturizing keratin and collagen, which rebuilds and hydrates hair in a way that restores the natural shine to the hair.

Although just hit the international market, many beauty experts say that in a few years, the brightness of silk can occupy the number one position in terms of reconstruction of hair treatment, making competition hair keratin and botox.

Benefits silk shine

How does it apply?

Although treatment can be purchased online or at a store near your home, it is best to visit a salon where a professional stylist make you treatment. The process is very similar to that done with a hair keratin treatment or botox. Basically hair with a special shampoo wash. Then dry completely with a hand dryer to remove moisture at 100% and continues to apply the treatment. For this, the stylist divide the hair into small sections and begin applying treatment with a drill, making sure all hair is completely covered with treatment. Once the application is completed, it is expected some time and begins to dry hair, strand by strand. Finally it waits an hour after drying and hair, when a mask is applied as a final step, rinsed and dried as usual washes.