Siginificado beginning and Sailors designs Old School

Golondrina: The origins of tattoo swallows back to a ship called The Swallow. Once, the crew mutinied. To be recognized, 7 mutineers who started a swallow tattooed on his chest. Swallows, like tiles and sparrows, always represented a symbol among sailors as they got carried away by these birds to know when they were near the coast.

Anchor: What’s better than an anchor to represent a sailor? It was a very easy draw with the technical little he had at the time, in which a sewing needle and any type of ink was used element.

Several types of anchors, if mixed with other items such as boats, names, wind roses, indicate that sailor has been in different seas and ports. They also represent the gods of the ocean. An anchor represents the roots. Not only the sea, but ashore and any feeling.