sexy hair

When describing a sexy woman, hair is certainly one of the main attributes that a girl can use to show your sensuality … Just move her hair from one side to another or play with a lock of hair to send a message of pure sensuality and flirtation. Even, new studies indicate that when look at a woman, many men focus primarily on the hair of it, leaving in second, third and fourth plane other striking parts of the female body, such as breasts, legs, buttocks or lips.

This was confirmed by a study conducted by Pantene, where 74% of the men surveyed said that hair is crucial to look at a woman, and of them, 44% said that the first thing is precisely looking hair. And as for sensuality, 82% of respondents said the hair is primary key of “sex appeal”. and the results of this study were to be expected, because a beautiful hair has always been synonymous with femininity, romanticism and sensuality.

And the good news is that, unlike other attributes dependent on your genetics, as have full lips or long legs, beautiful hair look possible for any woman. With so many good products on the market and for every budget, no girl can say, “What bad luck mine, was born with an ugly hair.” The secret is to care for and pamper …

How to achieve a sexy hair

1.Cuídalo: For a sexy look hair first thing you must have it is look healthy, ie having luster, soft and that their tips are not games. The way to achieve this is to apply a mask or weekly moisturizing treatment, cut the ends every two or three months and avoid enemies hair, like the sun, heat tools and constant chemical processes. As for cuts, take the one you like you and you feel comfortable. However, a medium long cut is “the king” in terms of sensual cuts. Notice how the “angels” models “Victoria’s Secret” have the same cut of layers, a style that automatically provides volume and sensual movement to any hair. And do not forget that we are what we eat outside, so be sure to bring a good diet rich in vitamins for skin and hair.

2. Take it to the natural: While we love to us comb the hair with blow dryer and spend stylising hours, men seems very sexy when a woman wears her hair somewhat disheveled and natural. To achieve this, tilt your head low, raise it back shaking hair and accommodates hair using your fingers. Another way to wear your hair natural is accepting its natural texture, that is, if you have curly hair do not contend in iron it or stretch it with the hand dryer all the time. Better talk to your stylist to recommend a better cut that makes you look better and simplify the time you spend combing your hair every day.

3. Aplícale Perfume: Nothing sexy and romantic than a scented hair, because by him smell also awaken sensuality. And to achieve this is as simple as applying a few drops of perfume on the nape area. Or you can choose to “make a cloud,” which involves placing perfume bottle above your head, tighten the atomizer and let “the cloud of perfume” in the air to fall on your head. Just make sure to have your hair clean when you do. For it is to add fragrance to your hair and not “hide” smells of sweat, dirt and accumulation of natural oils.