Rice water hair

A few years ago the brand of skin care products SK II revolutionized the beauty market, specifically with skin care. And its most popular product is one made with “rice water”, which promises to whiten the skin and give more light to the hair. In fact, many celebrities have shared that its beauty products can not miss the rice-based tonic. The only “bad” product is that it is quite expensive, because a bottle costs about $ 250.

According to that company’s discovery it came when they noticed that employees had younger hands distributors, silky and white. So something had to have rice that worked like magic when in contact with skin. And now, several years after studies in Asia just revealed that the same rice water used to beautify the skin, it is also very beneficial for the hair.

But it is not a new discovery, but had not given importance so far.

How to prepare a rice water treatment for hair

Ingredients: Filtered water (about one cup), half a cup of organic rice and a container or glass jar with a lid.

The reason must be organic rice is because this has not been exposed to fertilizers, herbicides or chemical pesticides. As for the water, it is filtered as the water that comes straight from the tap is not healthy for hair, due to its content of chemicals used to process the liquid.

I am absolutely certain that in the same way that there is available a product based on rice skin, just as many houses beauty will start creating your own formulas rice water looking to create the best product for your hair. So outstanding, but in the meantime, do not despise the rice water, not only your hair and your skin will thank you, but also your pocket.


Deposited in a container half cup of organic rice and proceeds to pour water into the bowl until rice cover in full. Stir the rice with your hands to clean. Once the water notes “white” tone and feel that rice is clean, deposits the liquid in the container or glass jar. Take it to the refrigerator, where you can save up to five days. When applying to the hair is as simple as using it when your hair condition. So, wash your hair as usual, apply shampoo and regular conditioner and then rinse the conditioner removes excess water in your hair and proceed to apply the rice water through hair, concentrating on from halfway down. You can leave it for five to fifteen minutes, depending on the time you have available that day to treat you hair. But remember, when it comes to treatments for hair, the longer you can leave, you better and of course more beneficial.

On the other hand, I remember the same water rice prepare for hair, also can be used to care for the skin of your face. After washing your face take a little rice water on a cotton ball and pass all over your face and neck. It is proven that this treatment will help to close the pros and bring you freshness in your skin.