Relief for hair damaged by the sun

Even if you tried to protect your hair from sun, salt water or chlorinated swimming pool, hair loses shine and tends to break during the summer season. And worse, if you cared not until you can be “burned”! But the good news is that you can restore if you agree to provide intensive treatment over the coming months, including using a shampoo and conditioner for damaged and dry hair. The first step to repair your brittle hair is cut the tips or more inches, depending on the damage. Check out these products that promise to hydrate, strengthen and revive your hair. And remember, at least, you should use a moisturizing treatment weekly. Also, remember that autumn is one of the times that you most care for your hair, which is recovering from the damage of the summer, and now has to face the cold and dryness.

The manufacturer of Ojon Dry Recovery ensures apply this mask for two minutes once or twice a week, you can restore all kinds of damaged and dry hair until the hair has been “fried” by the sun. Its high content of natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, blue agave and mango butter, moisturizes the strand from root to tip. In addition to conditioning intensively, this mask leaves a kind of repellent on the hair, preventing it put greasy and stays clean between washes. Furthermore, Ojon Dry Recovery helps control frizz, the smell is a bit strong but tolerable … All for the good hair! Price: $ 29.50

When you do not have ten extra minutes to apply a mask or intensive conditioner after washing your hair, nothing easier and faster to use a treatment that does not have to enjaguar. This formula Smooth’n Shine Therapy concentrated silk proteins, vitamins and minerals that repair damaged hair and transform into a healthy mane. Their results are not as effective as an intensive mask, but is perfect for those days when you have the time counted and after all, this product fulfills the promise of its name: leave hair shiny and smooth. You just have to distribute all the liquid in the bottle by the hair and go. Price: $ 3.99

Although one of its main ingredients is garlic, do not worry because your hair will not smell at all like garlic. This excellent mask, produced by the Italian company Alter Ego became very popular over five years for its ability to leave one damaged hair very soft and invigorated. Besides garlic, this thick cream has vitamins and minerals extracted from wheat. Also it contains vitamin A, which is necessary to maintain healthy scalp. It is ideal for dry hair, damaged by the sun, dyed or chemically processed. Apply this mask every week like a conditioner and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. For best results you can apply some heat with the dryer for about five minutes. Then rinse your hair with cold water. This product line also includes shampoo and conditioner garlic. You’ll notice the difference from the first use. Price: $ 18.00 for the small mask (16 ounces)