Portrait tattoos

How many times have wished us a tattoo of a loved one or someone you admire? We want that tattoo is as perfect as possible, every time we look at it is like watching a picture of that person and not a parody.

Portrait tattooing is something very difficult, because the tattoo artist should get that three-dimensional effect that requires a face. A tattooist can be an excellent draftsman and have an impeccable work throughout his career. But when we choose a portrait, it is best to choose an artist to give us assurances that the result will be the best.

That tattoo artist must also be a portraitist who get tattooed what looks like quite the person we want to leave immortalized in our skin, and not only seem.

also think about what body part you going to do, because if you tatúas a portrait in areas of the body will deform over time, thinks the portrait also be deformed. Improvements areas’re usually the shoulder blades, chest, arms or thighs.

Given the above, you’ll get something as wonderful as seven tattoos portrait show you below. They are the work of Ismael Hidalgo, a brilliant artist who has his studio in Barcelona. Tatto Poker.

In this tattoo we see the image of an anonymous teenager. The work of shadows and lines is impeccable, and shows the innocence of the very young age in the eyes and smile. Wonderful!

A tattoo with a big meaning. A mother and her son who will remain forever in the shoulder blade of this client. You can see exactly the features they have in common the women and children. Surely that is what must be achieved, a reality created with ink.

This tattoo can easily recognize Gary Oldman. Ismael has managed to capture with the needle the look and temperamental character of this great actor. Without any doubt, the customer will have been more than satisfied with this great work;. More »

Here we have one of the cenobites Hellraiser, one of the characters created in the literary work of the English writer Clive Barker which was later made into a film with tremendous success. The person who has tattooed will be thrilled with this work done Ismael Hidalgo. It seems that at any moment may appear the other cenobites without opening the box Lemarchandel, without solving the riddle. More »

If the Frankenstein monster could have done a tattoo on his corrupt skin, he would have chosen this idyllic image of love rejected on sight. Both Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester have been immortalized faithfully in this tattoo is a tribute to the film directed by James Whale.

In this picture we see the undeniable racial traits of the girl who was the model for the tattoo. Eyes off life and melancholy gesture mouth almost clear concern or a thought that vibrate the pupils of this beautiful girl. A job where delicate shades and brightness have played an important role in getting the perfect tattoo.

Without a doubt this is my favorite. If not because we know it’s a tattoo, we could almost think that this girl, who is almost a baby, looks out through the skin of someone who certainly loves her. Every detail has been taken care of, and it seems that the baby has been posing for Ismael as he reveled in the client’s skin. Tenderness, gentleness and love. All that is evoked in this wonderful work.