Permanent makeup eyebrows, FAQ

Plucked eyebrows well can enhance amazingly our face. The shape of the eyebrows express emotions and give character. There are people who have eyebrows with a natural angles that are harmonious with his face, however there are others that with a good depilation or makeup would correct the disharmony that need to highlight the features of his face.

Some women with a little art transform their eyebrows with a pencil or chords shadows the color of your eyebrows.

When should resort to permanent makeup for eyebrows cosmetic issue

• When you want to restructure the eyebrows too thin or poorly defined.

• To correct the too short, asymmetrical or poorly structured eyebrows. Asymmetrical or too short eyebrows make eyes go out or brow look too separate. They give a more aged appearance. To enlarge a little on your extension or leave them more symmetrical along the lines of the eye, amazing results are achieved.

• To restructure the look by altering the shape of the eyebrows. As I said earlier, eyebrows express character and emotions. If they are discrete, we give the feeling of being people without light and looking tired. If they are pronounced, it seems to have a stronger character and be more energized.

When should resort to permanent makeup for eyebrows for necessary

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