Original easy and manicure for Valentine … or another date

Valentine’s Day is approaching, a special day that a different nail look. We propose you surprise your partner with an original idea and very chic, French-style, without fanfare or excesses. It is a decoration for nails with message: two poetic words or the name of your boyfriend or husband. Select two words of five or four letters + a heart. Love, Peace, Love, Love, Soul … or you can even paint your name your boyfriend or husband if called Juan, Jose, Rafa, Fede, Rober, Alban, Robin …

Choosing the enamel and letters. Select two nail varnishes or lacquers in soft colors. We have opted for a medium pink (Forget Me Nots Essie, US $ 8.50) and a white snow (Studio White CND with 14-day price on request). But if you feel more daring you can choose two complementary colors that contrast and combine to perfection (violet and yellow, cyan blue and orange, green and red …) or some of the tones in fashion this season.

To avoid mistakes, draw on paper the words you want to paint on nails with the stroke you feel like: round, straight sticks, in case … Take your time and make this step because, even if it seems unnecessary when you are drawing the letters on nails will help to have a model to copy (do this test reduces by 50% the chances of mistake).

Also, keep in mind that not all nails are equal and their size will determine the size of the stroke and therefore the brush to use: the smaller need more precision. If you have a special fine brush to paint your nails, you can not use recycled one, cutting off half of the hairs or more. Or failing that you can use the tip of a toothpick.

Skin and perfect nails. For a flattering look manicure is important from a pair of hands with a well hydrated skin and a nail (avocado oil do very well). It is very unsightly to see a careless hands also did not go unnoticed because their nails are painted or decorated in red tones. Límalas and remove the cuticles with an orange stick. If for some reason you believe that your nails need special treatment because they are weak and can break easily resort to Kur five-step system used by LondonTown or type nail sticker.

First layer of paint. If you work on a natural nails starts the prebase apply yourself and the little finger, not your thumb. The Protective Base Coat Chanel, US $ 26, fixed hairspray and improves the appearance of yellow nails. When dry, take the first layer of varnish on each nail, also starting with the little finger. We have chosen a medium pink background on the right hand and a transparent gloss on the left but you can choose others. Let dry well without blowing on them because that can cause waves to form, even if in a hurry there are drying accelerators such as Nail Polish Fixer Kiko, US $ 10 approx. If you want a more natural result date a single layer of varnish, provided that he has been uniform, or two if you want something more sophisticated.

Draw the letters. Dip the tip of a fine brush in white lacquer, without exceeding in quantity. Instead of drawing all the words of a stroke, says the most important points of each letter with three or four points. For example, instead of drawing a capital, draw three points matching the ends of the sticks and then join them and forms the A. You will be easier.

If you have chosen a four letter word, draw a little heart on the thumb. Again, I leave everything to dry well.

Apply a coat of clear varnish. Start with the little finger to apply yourself a light coat of varnish. This will add shine and get your nails look more perfect time. And boasts original nails! C ‘est très chic!

And besides, 4 professional secrets

Before painting nails remember to remove the cuticle with an orange stick or other special instrument. If your cuticle is heavy or hard, let your fingers in warm water for 5 minutes before.

Non mancharte cuticle or skin, apply the first half stroke in the nail, from there drag the brush toward the outer end. Bring back the brush to the center and from there move it to the cuticle, back, without lifting. This prevents mancharte, because if instead of making this move you start sticking the brush to the lower end of the nail right out of the pot of nail polish is easy cuticle staining because it is so impregnated with lacquer. Simple.

If you want to give two layers of enamel begins when the last nail in the first round painted is completely dry. That will guarantee that the end result will be perfect.

If your nail polish has dried we do not recommend you employ acetone to make it more liquid. There are specific products like Kiko Milano, price.