Neon colors and history

Turn off the light and let the phosphorescent colors shine with own intensity!

For we live, and we still memory of the 80s, when we talk about fashion is inevitable to think tufts raised with tons of hairspray, jeans rolled up, the wide blouses and long earrings, wide belts without doubt … neon colors!

While the 80 they are associated with phosphorescent hues, the fact is that before from many decades had made their appearance in spotlights to illuminate served first, and then to make flashy advertisements.

Since mid-1800 the Heinrivh Geissler glassmaker and physical created sealed glass tubes with two electrodes. The electrical current made these shine gases. In 1898 British scientists Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers air decomposed to isolate different parts, one of them they called neon Greek word for new.

Neon is a noble gas, colorless, practically inert, present in traces in the air, but very abundant in the universe, and provides a reddish hue in the light of fluorescent lamps in which it is used.

In 1923 the French chemist Georges Claude, through his company Claude Neon, led neon tubes that were used in commercials in the United States. It was the first to buy the Packard car dealership in Los Angeles, who bought two ads 250 thousand dollars each, thus beginning the history of what would be a very popular marketing tool in the country.

For 50 years the company ArtKraft Strauss, a specialist in making commercials since the time of the gas lamps, and dominated Times Square with its neon ads, however it was not until the 60s that Andy Warhol and other artists of the current pop Art took them from their drawings spectacular huge, precisely inspired by advertising and by then beginning to flood the big cities.

Such was the penetration of neon signs, already for the 70s, was very popular in the United States suburban see small versions of these in the familiar “bar”, very often installed in the basement of the house.

Already in the 60s and 70s some designers such as Emilio Pucci or Pierre Cardin, began to experiment with these bright colors in clothes.

Who could forget 1984 when No. 1 on the charts was the song of Wham! “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”? And teens and tweens were screaming with excitement at seeing a George Michael dance with tiny and tight shorts, half of the video that turned into neon.

Hence everyone began using neon and out in clumps on the hair applied spray-in shirts, in girdles, tennis, socks, Swatch watches, in grandísimos earrings in those rubber bracelets to which They are known (at least in Mexico) as “gummies”. There was no shame for the use of color!

It was a decade dominated by the excesses and fashion and color, these were no exception.

Starting in England and then around the world during the holidays in empty warehouses known as raves, young people danced illuminated “glow sticks” in neon colors. After this practice expanded to concerts and nightclubs, as well as parades and festivals, where so far you can see people holding these sticks filled with light colors.

Like everything in fashion back in 2007, inspired by hip-hoppers, neon colors again but this time in sneaker type shoes that glow in the dark. Also in this year they begin to see fully dyed hair neon shades and tones phosphorescent makeup. Make Up For Ever and M.A.C these hues add to their collections.

For spring-summer 2012, several designers have launched their proposals in neon, making the colors of the season.