natural color

Increasingly common products with natural ingredients for hair care. And now many dyes come without ammonia, an ingredient that was previously always present in these products.

Thus commercially well-known firms such as L’Oreal, among their products lines based dyes without ammonia natural ingredients, such as dyes Casting Creme Gloss.

The ammonia or ammonia helps the color set, however, the smell can be strong for some people. In other cases the problem is not so much the smell and yes some are allergic to this chemical.

With this in mind signature product introduced Issue Issue Ammonia Free one year ago, a permanent dye cream without ammonia with bamboo extract and essence of orchids. Its creators are betting on the properties of bamboo ingredient that penetrates the hair fiber allowing lightfastness.

Issue Ammonia Free is ideal for women who have never painted hair.

It is also recommended for pregnant women and for people who are in a medical treatment, because the smell is mild and pleasant. Imagine, a dye with a rich aroma of orchids!

The product is ideal for color-treated or straightened hair and covers up to 100 percent of gray hair. It also has 22 colors to choose from. Ammonia Free Issue is distributed by Romey, Inc., a company dedicated to selling beauty products. These are available in pharmacies and beauty supplies. For more information, call 787-268-5292.

essential care for colored hair: Even when using dyes with natural ingredients, it is important that you consider some recommendations for your hair is always healthy. Here are some tips or suggestions

1. If you have no choice and you have to use a dryer, keep it to 10 cm from your hair and not hot prefers average temperature. Hot temperatures mistreat hair, they put this ends up looking weak and lackluster. In addition, heat contributes to weakening the strand.

2. Untangle your hair with a wide tooth comb and use of brush bristles soft and natural to style your hair. If your hair is very fine, it is likely that the knots and tangles are already part of your life. To avoid this, use drops or creams that separate the strand and soften hair.

3. Apply a mask once a week. There are many products on the market that can be used to make the dye lasts and the hair look shiny and healthy.

4. Cut the ends every eight weeks, and will prevent splitting. Moreover, this helps the hair grow healthy and gain strength.

5. If you’re a long time in the sun wear a hat or scarf so that the sun does not maltreat.

6. There are products like leave-in-conditioners that protect your hair from the sun, wind and ultraviolet rays.

7. Use a moisturizing drops on the tips for the painted hair looks natural and shiny.

8. When you wash your hair, rinse with cold water. This helps close the cuticle. Water too hot mistreats hair.

9. If you have very fine hair is better not overdo flashes or paint it very clear because then the hair will become brittle. When you notice that looks fragile, apply a shampoo with colored (brown or red) or paint your hair a darker color.

10. Prefers dry your hair naturally and let the hand dryer only for outputs or formal activities.

* These products are distributed in Puerto Rico, and are available in pharmacies and “beauty supplies” of this Caribbean island. If you do not live there, call 787-268-5292, for more information on how to buy in your country.