Meaning of tattoos pumas and panthers

Panther symbols in tattoos and history

The panther is strongly independent and cunning. It is the only big cat that hunts routinely in the water.

Mysticism and magic are the characteristics attributed to the black panther. Suggests the night, the moon, the darkness and the energies that emerge from the depths.

In art and legend, a beautiful and courageous woman is depicted as a black panther.

In ancient cultures seemed very significant Panthers (also called jaguars) they had two phases of color: yellow and black, and then transformed only in black color.

They believed that the yellow phase of the panther showed when exposed to sun and attributed to heaven. Black Panther phase, on the contrary, attributed it to the moon and the night sky. It was a symbol of shamans. Many thought that the panther was a shapeshifter, able to transform at will.

Totem Panther as

For those who take this animal as their spiritual guide it means having a great responsibility. It is a powerful animal totem and a symbol of nobility and authority of royal families.

For human civilization, the panther has been considered a very intelligent and aggressive animal. The Greek god Dionysus panther chose as his favorite horse and his priests wore leopard skins.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead says that heaven is opened to the late king wearing the panther skin. The use of a panther skin meant he was ready to enter the higher realms. leopards, jaguars, zebras: Many people pieces of your skin representing animal skins were tattooed. They want to indicate that dwells within the soul of the animal chosen, also, inadvertently and unknowingly what the Book of the Dead.

In Greek mythology, the black panther symbolizes the liberation of repressed impulses, to break down barriers and inhibitions.

In China, the panther or black cat reigned in the North, with water as its element.

In Thai tattoos are often tattooed twin Panthers as a symbol of protection.

In heraldry, the angry panther, which is represented with a tongue of fire, symbolized rage and remorse. This is a design very represented in tattoos, which will further add daggers.

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