Matryoshka doll tattoos, knows his legend and symbolism

For all tattoo you want realizarte is essential to know the significance to and take it further. As a tattoo, a matryoshka is a design with a lot of symbolism, and it is interesting to know what kind of legend or story is behind it.

In this regard, the Russian dolls have a lot to tell.

The meaning of the Matryoshka dolls refers to the wrist as the grandmother who is actually named Babushka. A real doll of this type is a Russian wooden doll has inside several identical wooden dolls also are opening half to tease out another smaller but equally appearance.

Often they depicted with a rose in her apron to symbolize femininity. In fact, they are a symbol of feminine seduction and pride. But, with its many aftershocks, they are also a good way to remember your place in the family and friendship.

What legend

There was a Russian carpenter who had the gift of creating works of art with their hands.

That was when the Russian carpenter found a perfect tree in shape.

For days he got up and put to admire the wood he had discovered. It was so beautiful I did not know what to do with him until he finally decided to carve a doll.

When he finished, the doll was so beautiful we decided to keep her as a companion. I called his name matryoshka.

Day after day, the farmer got up and said good morning to the beautiful doll and then be a good time watching her. So day after day until one morning wrist answered with Good morning, Serguei.

Instead of panicking, Serguei burst of joy with the voice of the wrist. From then he held talks with matryoshka. One day he saw her sad, so he asked what it was that happened to him.

The doll replied: I see you all have children and I can never have any. I would like to be a mother to not feel so empty.

Then the carpenter thought of finding a solution to the problem and told wrist

Matryoshka, the only way to get that wood would abriéndote and get you out of your bowels, but it will hurt a lot. The doll replied: I do not care, the important things in life always great sacrifices concern.

Serguei, very carefully and delicately carved vacuum matryoshka and a smaller and equally beautiful doll. He took her to matryoshka and said: Here is your daughter, Trioska call.

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