Marylin Monroe can makeup as

We do not know when Mr. Max Factor opened his first studio makeup on Highland Boulevard (Los Angeles) dreamed of uniting his name to the film industry. But it was. He was one of the architects of the young Norman Jeane would become a beauty icon and a dream for many men. And following that trail now, Marylin Monroe has become the new ambassador Max Factor and Pat McGrath, global creative director of the firm, he has recreated the look on the face of the South African model Candice Swanepoel, famous for her work for Victoria’s Secret.

You can see a beautiful promotional video of the process here (takes 30 seconds).

Undoubtedly, a long black lashes, a marked eyeliner, a moist red lips and a mole on his left cheek suggestive were key pieces in the image of Marylin, but she was much more than that. It managed to convey an image of glamor and perfect eternal feminine in any situation, allying with perfect makeup for a blonde woman.

1. flawless complexion. Choose Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation, a 3 in 1 capable of improving the appearance of facial skin as it combines the power of a pre-foundation, a concealer and foundation with SPF30 matte finish. Depositing a small amount on the back of his hand and, with the help of a broad brush, distribute it in the T zone and then extend outward face. If necessary uses a small to retouch some parts of the face like the nostrils or the eyebrows, for example, and hide any possible imperfection brush.

2. Eyeliner ‘magic’. Excess Intensity Max Factor applies eyeliner in black eye from the beginning to the end, thickening it and slightly raising the line to reach the end. It is important that the line is not off of the root of the lashes because sometimes small holes are unpainted and are very unflattering.

3. infinite tabs. The seductive look of Marylin had two secrets: his nearsightedness and some endless tabs. After dale curl your lashes more volume with False Lash Effect Mascara. Apply it from the roots to the tips, with a firm stroke and moving well to brush the hairs remain separate and not caked. If you want you can give two layers, without letting too much time pass between them so that no lumps.

4. Perfect lips in two phases. It is hard to think of Marylin without her red lips without color Ruby Tuesday he used since 1940. So to look a smile full of color, like her, shaping your lips with Colour Elixir Lip Liner in Red Rush tone. Draw the outline, starting with ‘V’ center and then fill them completely to remain more colorful times.

Using a special brush, take some Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Ruby Tuesday and draw the outline of the lips, as accurately as possible. After completing the process continues throughout the interior. You can end by applying a touch of gloss to multiply the brightness.

5. A memorable touch. And if you dare, complete the look dibujándote a small mole on his left cheek with the help of Max Factor Kohl Pencil in brown color.

As you look? ┬┐Mysterious? Irresistible? Sexy? Have fun being a proprietary version of the most famous blonde Hollywood.