Makeup to refine a broad nose

Besides making us look cool when we hurry or prepare to excel at a party, makeup is also designed to correct and conceal imperfections-and no, I do not speak only to hide acne scars or dark circles.

The corrective makeup has been implemented by most makeup artists to refine facial features, in this case the nose. If you see many famous without makeup, you’ll notice how their features are different. Leaving aside the scalpel, the nose is shaping up using various techniques, where the lights and shadows play a major role. Follow these recommendations to narrow a broad nose like a pro!


1. Recognize your nose. The broad noses are generally large and thick sideways. To stylize, you should focus on both sides.

2. Memorize the rule: light colors give volume while dark thin and add depth.

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3. Put on makeup as usual, using a base in the same tone of your skin. Be sure to cover the corners of the nose where blackheads are often present.

4. Start outline drawing a vertical line at each end of the nose. This you can do with a slightly darker concealer or foundation and a fine brush. The lines must start from the tip of the eyebrow to the nostrils (septum sides).

5. Add it to your nose to light divert attention from the side. How do you do it? With a concealer or lighter base, draw a straight line from the forehead to the tip of the nose (along the wall) line.

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6. Less is more! Use poquitísimas amounts of makeup to make corrections and if in doubt, go gradually implemented.

7. Blend. Perhaps the most important step. The idea is esfumar the “lights and shadows” until you can not see defined lines. Do not forget that looking delete any heavy line, do not mix both tones.

8. Finishing Touches. If you wish, you can apply a fluid foundation and light coverage on the nose, in order to “clarify” corrective work.


· Replaces concealers for brown matte shadows-the powders are easier to fade. To light, opt for shadows iridescent bone.

· Before you wear your “new nose” before all, look in the mirror and ask yourself if, indeed, it looks natural.

· The concealer makeup look is perfect for a night party (such as weddings or quinceañeras) and photo shoots.

· Makeup with your fingers is valid, but a fine small brush (like those used to apply eyeliner gel) gives you a neat effect. Dithering is best done with a sponge.

· To tune your nose with makeup, it is advisable to keep the area of ​​the neutral lips. That is, no strong lip or contrasting -so fail to take advantage of your eyes.

· Fixes a feature at a time. If you profile a wide nose, cheekbones carves another day.

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