Makeup tips for green eyes

Green eyes always denote an exotic touch to who wears them. Regardless of race or color, women can themselves take advantage of your look with simple makeup tips that will enhance the emerald tone. With a greenish eyes, you have the advantage of groomed look without spending hours under a makeup brush but be careful! One false move and your eyes may look like a Disney villain. Discover how to make up your green eyes with these simple tips.

The technique to make up green eyes is simple: it seeks to highlight the eyes or be dressed up harmoniously. Playing with light and shadow might be allowed but not as strongly as in the eyes brown. You have the possibility of using green tones for a soft effect or makeup with a shadow contrast – as black or violet to highlight and give strength to your look.

For daytime makeup, it is important that you choose discrete tones that will harmonize with the rest of your face, for example, nude, beige, brown or green color depending your eyes.

Ochre shades, earth, chocolate, salmon, plum and pine green are flattering for green eyes as the highlights naturally without actually seeing super makeup. As with a natural look you can apply beige, so that takes the effect of shadow and light. If you want to see even more polished, discreet delineated without shadows and black mascara it will also be ideal for the office. Palette Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad in Spicy work perfectly.

Women with green eyes tend to think that the “smoky look” is the only way to highlight your eyes and nothing further from reality. He prefers those golden shadows hollyhocks, lilacs, violets, plums, purples, pinks, magenta, fuchsia and even oranges, because accentuate the iris of your eye at 100%. A modern option is to combine these same colors with black shadows to help give a twist to the “Smokey Eye”. Resorting to black eyeliner is always acceptable, even better if you do it in “cat’s eye”. Two or three coats of black mascara and / or fake lashes will be the finishing touch. CoverGirl Eye-Brightening Exact Eyelights for green eyes and trio of shadows High Perfomance It Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio Naturally Pretty in Plum is a must-have in your makeup case.

The rule is simple. There are tones that stand, others soften and others who simply do not go with eye color. Makeup for green eyes need to get fixated on the iris, this will help you determine what colors you feel better. A pale iris will be ideal for light green shadows and vice versa. Stay away from the blue shadows or outlined very marked, because your eyes stand out a maliciously yes, the villainous effect Disney- like a “Smokey Eyes” flat or only black shadows. If you plan a smoky eye look, combine them with violet or magenta colors, including green and orange. Light gray shades can make you look lifeless, so pay attention when you apply, unless the color of your iris is gray.

Cleans, moisturizes and make up your face as usual, is the key to any makeup, including a moisturizing eye contour. Pay attention to details like acne, mature skin, dark circles and eyebrows, because the ideal is to get a good skin to only highlight the green color of your eyes. Following in the footsteps of any eye makeup, you must use a prebase, especially for festive occasions or meetings in the evening. Face it, some emerald eyes are and will be the center of attention, not bright or opaques with strong lip, even with the big mistake of using heavy makeup on eyes and lips at the same time. E.L.F. Essentials Eyelid Primer is economical and effective.

Edited: Paloma R. Sanz