Makeup tips according to the shape of your face

The oval or elongated faces, like Liv Tyler, are identified as being slightly wider at the cheeks and a little narrower towards the chin. It is considered “the kind of perfect face”. Women with oval face are fortunate to be able to use almost any kind of makeup, from the most natural up with red lips.

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Cameron Diaz has a rounded face, which is characterized by a broad forehead and cheeks bulky. It can be a double-edged sword as these types of faces usually give a youthful appearance, still it is recommended to bring a timeless and natural makeup in the face to highlight, soberly, hows eyebrows and lips areas. Do your best friends? Facial mosaics.

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Women with the square face as the actress Olivia Wilde, present a front and a wide and marked jaw, ie, the volume is at the bottom. The variant is the rectangular face, which is slightly narrower than the square. Your goal is to soften the angles of your face and maintain harmony thanks to shiny lip definers and powders in strong or natural tones.

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Reese Witherspoon has a typical triangular face. How do you identify yourself? The cheekbones are sharp and pronounced also it faces such usually has a wide forehead, narrowing his way to the chin, which is usually sharp. The domain corrector makeup should be a priority as allow you to play with light and shadow for a visually oval effect. Cling to a single palette on eyes, lips and cheeks.

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