Makeup spaced eyes

For dozens of women, some spaced eyes are exotic. However, others prefer to conceal as could be. If you notice, celebrities like Kate Moss, Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek have this kind of faction and still manage to look beautiful … his secret? Makeup! Learn to recreate dozens of easy tricks like a pro.

Recognizes the shape of your eyes

If you look in the mirror, you will notice a large space between the eyes, including the bridge of the nose. The difference will be greater if your eyes are big.

Your mission? “Zoom” visually your eyes using dark colors in strategic areas. Unlike a regular eye makeup, you will need to apply products in a unique way, even eyebrows and nose.

Makeup day

Apply a dark shadow-but routine suitable for your office or work – on the inside of the eyelid and extend it a little to the fold. Take him only half the eye and make sure difuminarlo very well to avoid “strange spots”.

Now, with a clear shadow, it illuminates the outside of the eyelid towards the middle and mix both tones. The most recommended for day colors are brown, beige, sand, gray, plum and copper-that yes, with matte finish. It is valid to delineate your eyes, but still giving emphasis to tear. Try Smashbox Softbox Palette.

Night make up

Following the instructions above, concentrated dark colors (purple, black, brown, green, blue, etc.) on the inside of the eye and see clearer with lighter shades until the end of the eyelid. In this case, it is not necessary that you give depth to the crease. Note that you can play with different shades of shadows to create a smoky effect, but do not stretch out to the outer corner.

For something more stylized, opt for a delineated. The trick for women with separate eyes is to create a thick line across the upper eyelid, without rabitos, and at the beginning of the lower lashes. The “cat eyes” greatly exaggerated tend to create more space between your eyes. Recommendation: MAC Cosmetics Fluidline.

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Individual false eyelashes give your look an extra touch of glamor … but has its -p├ęgalas secret as close as possible to the base of your lashes halfway eyelid, from there only a couple of them placed at the ends . Finish with mascara abundant in that area. This trick can attract attention to the corners of your eyes making them look closer together.

Coordinates with the rest of your face

If your eyes look apart, there are a couple of tips that can help reduce the problem. First, your eyebrows. They are projecting a little tear birth. No need to go for a look at what Frida Kahlo, simply fill in nicely with makeup eyebrows to give strength to your eyes.

Speaking of makeup, a slightly darker eyebrows natural hair color looks distracted. Remember to define a brush and comb to avoid heavy strokes.

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Now, your nose. A pasadita of bronzer along your nose (starting with the bridge), makes the space look smaller. The key? Blend well to create a smooth line.

Avoid them!

The main thing is to learn how to apply makeup according to the shape of your eyes. You can use almost any shade of shadows palette, but the dark must go half the eyelid toward the inner corner and iridescent glitter or clear-not-towards the end.

Blend, blend, blend. Never let strong lines or shadows without blur, nor tweeze eyebrows more or lengthen your eyebrows with makeup.