Makeup as hair color

In addition to your skin tone or eye, it is important to adapt your makeup according to your hair color, especially if you’re making a radical change. This basic guide will serve as an example to find colors that go well with your hair, however, do not limit yourself. Experiment with shadows or lipsticks without exaggerate to achieve harmony in your face. The most important? Keep your hair in excellent condition … finally, after all, it is and will frame your face.

There are dozens of factors that can influence the makeup on blondes. You must be cautious with any shade of shadow, foundation, blush or lip as applying little you could look washed out, whereas if you overdo it, give the impression of being part of a circus. More »

Women with brown hair, in its various shades, can be considered lucky. It’s an easy color to maintain and foolproof. Still, your skin and the warmth of your hair will play an important role when makeup. If you have illuminations, or technical highlights as the “ombre”, also you enter into this category. More »

The black hair harden your features and if you regret it, you’re likely to spend hours and hours in the beauty salon -yes, ebony tone is difficult to remove. Your best ally? The duo blush and bronzer. Both will help you find a balance according to the shape of your face,. More »

Despite beliefs, redheads have several alternatives in terms of colors and textures. Is valid daring with red or magenta lip, just make sure you go with the tone of your hair (which can range from copper to burgundy). If red is your natural color, do not separate yourself from sunscreens;. More »

Graying hair can appear at any age. If you choose to take it, stay away from the ashes bases or glitter shadows. Do not forget to define your eyebrows with a little darker pencils (to frame your face) and uses textures in cream or gel if your skin is mature;. More »