Makeup according to your type of nose

Corrective makeup is the secret weapon of the famous. It is simply what makes them look the most under the lights of the cameras, in films and photo shoots. Re-create at home is easier than you think-just you need to pay attention and use common sense to transform your face.

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In the case of the nose, many women are obsessed by the size or shape of it. To be honest, it is a trait that can give strength to your look if you know take advantage. Learn to play with makeup to enhance, conceal or correct the type of nose you have … and forget about the complex!

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Large or long, usually thin noses are thick. Some end in a curve or look falls, such as Sarah Jessica Parker. To stylize, you should focus on the sides and tip of the nose.

Your mission is to use foundations matte or semi-matt (gloss tends to enlarge the features) and to achieve the visual effect, you have to draw two fine lines leaving the center of the tone of your skin. Blend well with your fingers! More »

Recognize a small or short nose is easier if your face is large, round or elongated. They are delicate if your face is petite if it’s not your case, you may notice a disharmony between nose, lips and eyes. A clear example is the Mexican singer Ana Barbara. To enhance it, you should focus on giving volume to the center of your nose and even extend the corrective sideways.

Unlike other females, if you can afford to use light, moisturizing bases with color or BB Cream. Remember to look lighter colors your skin, so that the feeling is achieved volumen.Variación. If your nose is wide plus short, use a concealer or dark shadow on the sides of the nose More »

A crooked nose, either by nature or by a “coup” of fate, is recognized by the bulge in some area of ​​it. To stylize, you will give light to the rest of your nose and not to that area. Although it can occur in anyone, noses diverted usually small or average size. The famous actress Ashley Greene has a small nose, making it obvious crooked.

First of all, your mission is to cover the black spots, rosacea or venitas you have around the nose in order to achieve a new canvas. The rest is a cinch: Applies the play of light and shadow. Do not forget that the trick is to go slowly building effect,. More »

The broad noses are large and thick sideways. Fortunately, you do not need a scalpel to tune it – just require a little makeup, good blur on the sides of the nose. Rihanna confirms that beauty comes in all colors and shapes … nose included!

Seek the help of various types of correction in various shades also make the application with a fine brush. The key is to shade light at the sides and center of the nose. For a more credible result, it ends with hints of liquid foundation to qualify corrections;. More »