Knows the life of the 4 most influential teachers tattooists history

Recognized as teachers by professional tattoo artists these four tattooists have left a great influence and legacy in the world of ink. Learn more about their lives and work.

Born in Japan in 1946 and has specialized in Japanese and full body tattoos. This technique is known as Irezumi, in which the entire body is tattooed with Japanese tattoos as a decoration.

It is the most recognized worldwide without doubt one of the most influential Japanese tattooist. He has been a teacher of other great tattooists, which is included one that appears on this list, Ed Hardy.

He has his own studio in Yokohama, and in 2000 founded the Yokohama Museum of tattoos.

In this museum, Horiyoshi III exhibits best pieces tattooed all over the world.

His passion for travel and adventurous spirit prompted him to leave as a teenager his father’s house and go on a freight train at Western Union.

In one of his trips he discovered the tattoo, and the mid-20s embarked on a ship where he also discovered his vocation to be a sailor.

It was in Chicago where he met Professor Tatts Thomas, who gave him a tattoo machine and taught him the secrets of electrical engineering and how to use it.

In 1928, Sailor Jerry embarked and sailed to the South Seas. He fell in love Pacífcio Islands, especially in Hawaii.

Introduced the icon tattoo sailors fashion “short sleeves” and large tattoos covering the entire back.

For the first time -and having overcome the hatred for the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbur-, all Japanese symbols and deities emerged from the hand of a Western tattooist.

Sailor Jerry, died in 1973. His style and tattoo sheets have survived and are an important point of reference for tattooists worldwide.

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Samuel Morris Steward is the tattoo artist better known as Phil Sparrow. Born in Ohio in 1909, was an icon for gay culture besides university professor, tattooist, pornographer and writer of novels.

His name, Phil Sparrow, acquired his preferred brand whiskey.

After getting tired of teaching at the university, Sparrow decided to jump into the world of tattoo and set up a studio in Milwaukee, a city northwest of Chicago. This city represented a strategic location near the school Marines.

There he found an inexhaustible clientele where you can make all kinds of tattoos, back in the ’50s.

He left a great legacy with old school sailor sheets and inspiration in their tattoos for generations.

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Ed Hardy was the first tattoo artist to make designs while not Asian Oriental artist.

His name is a reference in the art world, not just in the tattoo.

Hardy introduced Japanese aesthetics in American tattoos. By then, American designs were based on the Old School and the Sailor.

As he said, it was a way to make money with those people who at the time belonged to the sectors classic that was attributed tattoo (sailors, express, etc …), but his passion for creating and go further, you It led to make very important changes in the art of tattooing.

When he opened his first studio in San Francisco, called Realistic Tattoo, revolutionized the aesthetics of the West in terms of tattoo art.

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