Key makeup Alessandra Ambrosio

The famous make-up artist David Molina, currently the official makeup of Astor in Spain and flattering hand of one of the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. How does that penetrating but warm look? And how you manage to unify the complexion and obtain a natural result at the same time? Thanks to skilled and trained eye of David -always busy and always viajando- you can copy the gestures of beauty Alessandra Ambrosio to achieve a natural and flattering makeup.

It is important to remember that before going to take the brushes and brushes must be from a perfectly clean and hydrated skin deep. Otherwise makeup can acartonar and skins and imperfections in the nostrils appear, forehead and / or chin … and you do not want something like it?

1. Face

“Alessandra looks natural skin tone, however begins by applying a balancing PREBASIC tone and a smooth base that gives coverage to the skin look and maintaining a natural finish.

2. Eyes

“For the eyes Alessandra has chosen tones that can be used for both day and night. It is elegant and simple and gives life to her look almost instantly. How? It begins with a natural shade all over the eyelid, follow with a darker to add depth to the crease and ends with an iridescent color in the lacrimal eye to expand the look “.

Eye makeup to play duets earth tones, soft pink or peach, matte finishes, offer very flattering results. The important thing is that maticen tones well with a brush and no ‘jumps’ are noticed. In addition, light the tear with an iridescent tone helps get that look awake and warm defines Alessandra.

But in his eyes not only care about the shadows has also used an eyeliner. “The liner plays an important role in the look of Alessandra. With a black eyeliner draw a line on the upper eyelid from the middle of the eye towards the top end of the eye, always holding up the line to recreate the effect of upward eye. Finish the eye makeup with fake eyelashes. And once placed apply a coat of black mascara to unite natural lashes with the false “.

And we can not forget the eyebrows, one of the most important points in any look. In this case, how could it be otherwise, “his eyebrows look natural. Defined with a powder and combs to give the natural result so flattering. ”

3. Lips

The balance seems to be the goal in this look and why Alessandra’s mouth does not stand in excess with a flattering lip. “With eyes and skin marked so bright alternative is to leave lips natural. Opting for a sparkle in peach tones. ”

4. Blusher

And we can not forget the blush on the cheeks in which also sought a flattering and natural result. “The flush it must put in the middle of the cheeks and blend well so that there is no marked lines”. For the best result, powdered products be applied with a brush diagonal.

David Molina has over 20 years of experience between brushes and eye shadows, which has made him one of the greatest experts in the world of make-up. Throughout all this time on their hands they have passed international celebrities like Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen and Victoria Beckham and also some of the top models of Victoria’s Secret as Isabeli Fontana and Ana Beatriz Barros.

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