Interview with tattoo model Mitsuko

Mitsuko, whose real name is Cristina Gonzalez, is a model of Spanish tattoos has posed for many major magazines. This beauty has a perfect anatomical forms is a tireless worker. Aside from having a great ride as a model for tattoos and DJ in rooms Barcelona, ​​Mitsuko is an entrepreneur and writer. I had the great fortune to meet in Barcelona, ​​and do not miss the chance to ask some questions.

Where does the name Mitsuko C. born?

It is a personal project that was born many years ago, one could say that an alter ego. At first I used to be DJ Japanese music, specifically style Visual Key (X Japan, Kagerou, Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey …) and that, little by little, I’ve been taking shape and evolving as Tattooed Model.

I know you write articles for magazines and tattoo trends, can you tell us to what?

Yes, I am a columnist in several magazines tattoo, as the magazine Eden, E-Dollys, BadSkin and promptly for Beauty Magazine, TattooIsPain and Move Magazine.

Since when was born your passion for tattoo?

Since very little girl I had called the attention, but I have not felt a real obsession. I would say from to about five or six years ago. All thanks or because of my husband who is a tattoo artist, whose absolute devotion is contagious.

What kind of tattoo you choose to decorate your body?

I especially like t atuajes Japanese, but I have several tattoos realistic portraits and other types of tattoos that have a specific meaning for me. In fact every one of the pieces that I’ve recorded on my skin have a meaning and a story, have my life, my experiences and my tastes.

Tattoos that you carry in your body are great, who is the artist who has made you?

My tattoo artist is Ismael Hidalgo, who is fortunately also my husband, a great professional and an even better person.

You worked as a model of tattoos for many major magazines. Can you tell us talk about it?

I’ve been lucky enough to perform great work as a model. I have appeared in two issues of the magazine ScifyWorld fabulous, thanks to the work of illustrator Javier Trujillo. I also posed for “Move Magazine” as Tattooed Model. Three of my photographs have been part of exhibitions such as “DEADLYWOOD” photographer Alex Perez del, “Phobias” Hand of Justice Fran and “Tattoos” Pere G. Ejby. I was also the image I Zombie Walk of Barcelona in 2010, and have been the image of a wine brand aimed at the gay community.

Thanks to people who have seen my work, my photo albums appear on numerous websites of the Czech Republic through Germany, UK and USA. I’ve also been fortunate to have won two first prizes as the best model in the month of November and December 2012 in the “Tattooed Women Are Hot” page.

I know that soon will a book where you appear as an illustration in an anthology of zombie stories. Tell us your experience and also that raid as a novelist.

Well, this has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have worked with professionals who have ever imagined: Daniel Exposito, a magnificent illustrator whom I am very grateful for artwork created from my image, I love them! Juan de Dios Garduño, Joe Alamo, Carlos Sisi, Macu Marrero, Pepa May … A large number of writers who are as gods and have been with them. It is a dream come true.

What makes Mitsuko in your daily life?

I have not a very glamorous life. I write my articles each month for the magazines in which collaborated, some other story, read a lot, I go to the movies, I take care of household chores and my business Poker Tattoo. All this accompanied by the best people in the world, my husband, my best friend who is like my sister, my family and my friends. People whom I love and respect.

What kind of music do you listen to?

‘Buf !! I’m very eclectic. I love metal, rock, pop, gothic, EBM, visual, medieval, Sephardic music … bands like The Ting Tings, Bauhaus, The Doors, Dir en Grey, Bryan Adams … The list would to heaven .

Do you like movies?

I am declared the oriental cinema directors like Takeshi Kitano, Takashi Miike, Yoji Yamada, Kim Duk-ki, Zhan Yimou, Wong Kar Wai, Kim Ji-Won … delight my fan cinéphiles hours. Of course I love horror and gore and, why not say, Star Wars and Die Hard. I consider myself pretty music lover and cinephile.

What immediate plans?

Because within letters, I am with several anthologies of which I can not give many details. In the field of modeling, the appearance in the magazine E-Dollys, Global Ink Tattoo Mag and Pushers Magazine.

Finally, what advice would you give to those who want to become model tattoos?

For those who want to be models of tattoos, I would say that today is quite easy to be “model”, anyone can say that, but being a professional is very difficult. I have done many jobs and can not say I am a professional because I do not live it. It is a fantasy world, but very difficult where contacts are essential. But I guess this happens in many areas of life, so it is best to take it as a hobby and have fun while posas. Enjoy is fundamental, take a good memory and smile.

If you want to know more about Mitsuko, you can track it on your Facebook page and see the image gallery Mitsuko.