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All the latest news about tattoos. Ink to save animals against mistreatment of women and others that will surprise you.

And it is that this time brings news tattoos why a chosen design becomes a good cause.

Tattoo Art Daedra began an initiative called “A Flor de piel”. The tattoo artist artist Flavia Carvalho decided a few years ago, following a request from a client who had been assaulted by a man who stuck a knife in the stomach when it rejected it, make free tattoos to all women victims of male violence.

The tattoo artist artist believes that with a tattoo done on the scar is the best way to forget those sad memories and regain self-esteem.

A good initiative that you can follow in detail on page Facebook de Carvalho.

Cuban tattooists Juidel Noel and Frank Enamorado held next December 6, 2015 a marathon session of tattoos to raise money for a good cause: helping the shelter Animal Protection and Rescue Street, located in Paraiso de Cartago.

With these works raise funds and of which 25% will go towards the shelter and able to cope with veterinary bills and needs of animals.

Tattoos chosen by customers can be designs of cats and dogs. And the design dimensions are exposed by tattoo artists themselves.

If you want to help a good cause, do not miss the opportunity to attend.

If you thought that a tattoo is for life, you should also know that you can preserve it after death. The National Association for the Conservation of Skin Art (USA) has developed a service called “Save my Ink” for tattooed people who love their designs to keep the tattoo after death.

For a sum of money, the customer can choose the tattoo that you are passionate about your body and leave it in inheritance. The practice will take place, of course, after his death and work will be done by an embalmer would cut the piece of skin that tattoo.

The artwork will be framed so that it can be hung as if it were a canvas anywhere in the house heir.

The preservation process of the skin is a well kept secret by those responsible for “Save my Ink”, which took a year to perfect the formula. And no embalming of tattoos on genitals or face are made.

This pop star tattoo is another passionate. Rihanna has no doubt look in visible areas, such as fingers, phrases and designs described thus: “My tattoos are all spiritual and show how I feel about religion.”

In this way, the singer has joined Jacquie Aiche designer to create a collection of temporary tattoos inspired designs that Rihanna itself carries in his body. He adds other possibilities of other pieces that fans can create their own designs.

The body designs are now on sale. Composes a set of seven designs in black and gold. Available on the web