Incredible but true. More curious news about tattoos

A British 40 years (not the first. Many Britons have made real crazy in this session of curious news about tattoos), has been tattooing since 2009, face and song titles Miley Cyrus.

Theirs is devotion, as it has been tattooed nothing more and nothing less than 22 tattoos artist.

In the designs you can see a full album of the life cycles of the artist. Seeing is believing! For now, from this site, we leave as showing some of the tattoos that takes Miley Cyrus. If you want to be inspired.

An allergy to tattoo ink provokes a scar 4 centimeters thick

As he reported by the Daily Mail, Nicola and her partner a sign of love for his young daughter tattooed. Your partner decided to tattoo the name of the girl and Nicola a heart with black borders and red ink filling.

Nicola began to feel ill after the tattoo, when the pain became unbearable in the area. The swelling did not allow experienced or put boots and tattoo became what we see in the photo.

Fortunately, doctors managed to stop the infection, caused by an allergy to the red ink of your tattoo. Nicola now shows this grainy scarification tattoo could call 3D. Poor thing … Luckily he chose not to take the same tattoo on his neck or chest. He should have taken into account the things you should know before getting a tattoo.

Andreas Müller, is a German who decided to win a contest tattooing the penis. The prize: a Mini Cooper.

In his virile member will take the word Mini. More than a joke you receive from your partner when you say: Love, puts the mini in the garage. The man will not know which device is referring to.

Müller is happier than a lark, although the embodiment of the design was transmitted by radio and listeners could hear the agonized screams of the German, who knew how to endure a session of tattoos. After the session, he confirmed that it was agony penis … I say it: D

Of course, no pictures of such a feat.

The crisis rages. All we seek solutions to small economic doldrums and seek work wherever. Each life as can be sought, and go to extremes where they decide to sell your face advertising.

eye! Sell ​​your face advertising is literal, and if not just ask to German (another German who does it. The Europeans are like that) Uwe Troeschel.

Troeschel has divided his face into parcels and offer them to advertising firms.

It could spread their business, and indeed it is doing this: Here you can advertise!

The German has given money to each party. The total would be 100,000 euros for the full face, distributed in this way

– The front of 50,000 euros (. Large firms that can afford The site is worth, is the largest area).

– Cheeks 20,000 euros (. A good area where you can enjoy a loving kiss while the sponsor).

– The chin 5000 euros (for more modest firms).

– The nose 2000 euros (can add piercings creating something fancy If not suffering chronic, great allergy The scarf could annoy the business…

– Lower jaw 1500 euros (for tight pockets and is also an area that is constantly moving, type electronic poster L.E.D. An entire investment.

But Troeschel is not the first to initiate this proposal because it did something like tattooing Karolyne Smith logo on the front, for $ 10,000.

The reasons for Troeschel to become advertising face are the love of Saint Bernards and create a museum about them.

It is not believe it? It’s true.