Increasing wear your hair natural

It seems that campaigns that inspire women to wear their hair natural are giving good results, is that for the first time in the United States has decreased the number of sales relaxers or relaxers, as known in English. I mean those chemical processes where the turn is killed, the wave or curl hair to leave it stretched and smooth. And while selling low “relaxers” increases product sales to wear your hair natural.

According to a recent study by a marketing firm in the United States, it is speculated that sales of relaxers and chemical procedures to change hair texture decrease by up to 50 percent in the next. Although most of this study was conducted with products for African American hair, it was also found to carry natural hair is a trend or fashion for all hair types. And it is that about two years ago about all kinds of curls and natural waves has been in vogue, dethroning hairstyles where she stretched and brushed the hair dryer or iron hand.

Campaigns like “Love your curls” and “Bad Hair does not exist” certainly have raised awareness among women, especially in those who have curly. The miso study noted that bringing disheveled hair, or wear an afro is more accepted than it was five years ago. In fact, today it is becoming more awareness among mothers to teach their daughters to love their natural hair. They are leaving behind the days where many mothers smoothing the manes of his daughters kept or collected with braids as not to leave the curls into the air.

And wear your hair natural or controlling unruly curls is easier than it may seem, it comes to finding the best products to help the control the hair moisture, preventing this put fluffy and look rebellious, rough and unwieldy . Precisely find the right products is the first rule to achieve a beautiful curls. Also, never combs his hair when dry.

Afro, waves and curls on the catwalk

If you take a look at the latest fashion shows, you’ll notice that increasingly, more and more models with afros, tousled curls and loose waves are the protagonists of beauty and fashion houses. This was recently seen in parades Gucci, Michael Kors, Banana Republic, Zara and other brands. Moreover, miso study noted that when a woman recognizes that it has a beautiful hair and proud to wear her hair natural, a special glow reflected in his face and attitude, simply magnifies your self-esteem.

Therefore, from now on get rid of the continuous use of hand dryers, irons and tongs that do nothing but mistreat your hair. Okay, use hot tools occasionally to look different, but the abuse of heat on the hair is fatal.

And if you have children, remind them how important it is to love your hair as it is. If you have a mother who constantly complains about her hair, as they will do, because children do not learn from what we say, but the example of their parents and all they see at home daily. And as it says a popular campaign: Teach him to love her curls !!!

* During the fall and winter seasons they are perfect to wear your hair natural because they do you need a hair dryer or an iron to attack the unwanted freezing or summer frizz.