In what order should I apply the products for skin care?

Question: In what order should I apply the products for skin care?

Products for the care of different skin types are divided into various categories that can certainly be confusing. You do not know when to use facial serum or the anti-acne treatment? Discover the order of application recommended by experts and Make the most of your daily routine!


Gone are the days where your great grandmother wore only a cream for the face and body-now technology is so advanced that we can find dozens of facial products that confuse anyone. From eye creams and honey masks to serums vitamins or tonics. Remember that everything has its order, time and frequency. The following would be an ideal example of a beauty routine, either for the day or night.

– Cleaners: you get the cream, milk, foam, oil, tablet, new micellar water and even micro-exfoliants.

– Serum or facial tonics: they contain nutrients that are necessary for a fresh and healthy skin. Apply after cleansing and drying your skin because they are absorbed more quickly and serve as a “base” for the rest of your routine.

After cleaning your skin you are ready to receive the treatment product. The first thing that you apply is that penetrate and act. Most of the following products can be used every day but, for example, serums to be used in a timely manner, once or twice a year. It should be used on alternate days or a couple of times a week those containing vitamin C, whitening serums or very potent treatments to treat fine lines in mature skin.

– Moisturizers: regardless of brand or components (SPF, oils, etc.) moisturizer is responsible for keeping your skin moisturized for hours. also extend it by the neck and chest. If you also use at night, the PM cream should be thicker in texture and rich in ingredients and the day should have sunscreen. Do not forget that moisturizers are the primary step for face care. There is something for sensitive, oily, dry …

– Eye Creams: It is recommended to use it twice a day. Apply with the ring finger and gives light tapping until completely absorbed.

– Nourishing creams. If you have more than 35-40 years it is recommended to start using a nourishing cream to replenish lipids. If you have dry skin would be good to tell with some mild anti-aging ingredients like green tea, a great antioxidant.

– Specific treatments: it is advisable to use these products at night and according to your needs (wrinkles, acne and pimples, spots …). Although its components are aggressive, your skin will remain moisturized thanks to the previous steps. For more information, consult your dermatologist.

– Sunscreens: rain, shine or snow fall, never let the sunscreen in the morning. Use it at least 15 minutes before going out and spread it to neck, ears and neck. If you’re traveling, remember that the sun’s rays are more powerful up there.

– Scrubs: it is the easiest way to achieve a smooth face instantly. Depending on the ingredients and textures you can do no more than three times a week.

– Face masks: everything will depend on the type of ingredients containing your mask. Clay masks claim run two to three times a week, while moisturizing gel refresh your face up to four times a week without any problems.

Edited: Paloma R. Sanz