How to treat oily hair

One of the questions that I receive on my blog is how to treat oily hair. And honestly I explain to my readers that this condition is permanent for those born with oily hair and so far scientists have not found a drug or treatment that can permanently disappear tendency to generate fat. However, there is always hope, there are treatments that help temporarily control excess oils in your hair.

First of all, let’s define that is a condition of greasy hair. This is hair that gets dirty easily, ie have not finished washing and is already producing more natural oil than any other hair type, which is noticeable to the naked eye. There are several reasons that can generate a greasy hair, the main are heredity, hormonal factor and type of hair. For example, all the hair that may develop excess fat is fine hair, as having less thickness strand generates more sebaceous glands.

What you should do

1.Escoger a special shampoo for oily hair, make sure that the pH of the product is 6 or 7. When washing your hair rinse well everywhere, if you leave a little shampoo without removing either quickly attract dirtier and fat. Do not use conditioner, but if you feel dry ends or items you can apply some only at the tips and when sailing because the conditioner rinses not water all over your hair. Moreover, it gives two is washed and each is at least three minutes. When you’re applying the shampoo concentrate on massaging the scalp well to try to remove as much of possible oils leather. Once the hair is prohibited rinses make massage on the scalp, as these cause the segregation of more fat. And avoid hot water, this encourages more oil production. Try a little lemon water to rinse hair, natural remedies experts say the acid of this short fat fruit.

2. The more you comb your hair, your hair will look oilier: Whenever raisins are carrying fat brush from root to tip. So, if possible, limited to brushing once daily. And of course, wash your brushes and combs consistently and correctly.

3.Evita stress: As stress causes hair loss, also causes the production of more oil on the scalp. So next time you see an increase of fat in your hair if you ask stress and what you can do to relax.

Try the following home remedies

1. During the final rinse uses a gallon of water with half a cup of diluted vinegar. There are also those who say that the best rinse after removing the hair shampoo is rinsed with a beer again. Let it act for one or two minutes and proceeds to rinse thoroughly with cold water.

2. Mint Recipe: Boil three cups of water with a handful of fresh mint. Strain this natural tea and apply it to your hair as the last rinse.

3. Yogurt Recipe: Mix one cup original yogurt with an egg, stir it well and apply as a mask to all hair, emphasizing on the scalp. Then let stand for two minutes, proceed to rinse and wash hair as usual.

4. Lemon Recipe: Mix two cups of water with the juice of two lemons. Apply the mixture to the hair once you have removed the shampoo with water. Let stand port res minutes Iit at the end anguage cyan cold water.