How to remove permanent makeup on eyes, lips and eyebrows

Well because he has done wrong or because the color has not been requested, or do not want to wait for your hideous lip liner and eyebrows disappear over time, you can use the option of laser that is not at all invasive. Affirming that can remove a micropigmentation without scars is now a reality.

You will see that everything has a solution.

How does a makeup done with micropigmentation is removed?

The specialist will resort to combine a laser removal treatment and micropigmentation.

With the laser removing bad areas emplaced to attenuate or lower them is performed. Thus makeup pigments are partially eliminated by desquamation.

Then is the next step: correction and camouflage. With micropigmentation be corrected with new color pigments to create a new permanent makeup. In the latter part camouflage techniques used to conceal shadowy areas left by the laser.

What types of lasers are used?

According to experts and clinics in these treatments, for removing a different lasers micropigmentación Q-Switched unwanted be employed.

For removal of pigment black, green and blue, it is best to use the Q-switched Alexandrite laser, while for removing pigment red and pink purple the use of laser Q-switched KTP provides the best result.

The laser Q-switched Nd: YAG is highly advantageous in treating clients with darker skin because it has proven to be safer in this type of skin, as well as in the case of micropigmentation eyeliner, which has to have careful not to damage the lashes. It is also more effective in micropigmentaciones deeper and higher density.

How many sessions are needed? How much can it cost?

You know that micropigmentation used in makeup fades over time, leaving the areas tattooed with almost imperceptible tones. The more recent tattoo, more sessions are required to remove the pigment. And in the case of micropigmentación, when injected ink to a depth less than that of a conventional tattoo, it will be less expensive.

It is difficult to predict the number of treatment sessions required to remove a micropigmantación or a tattoo. Everything will depend on each individual, area and pigments containing micropigmentation deleted. The price of a session can cost 30 to 40 euros.

Usually, the first sessions are more effective and noticeable than they are happening during treatment.

You should also know that the composition of the pigments are what make the laser removal treatment is effective and does not obscure the areas to be treated. This is because some pigments containing iron oxide and titanium dioxide.

What are the areas that need more laser sessions?

Micropigmentación removing unwanted eyelid is more effective than in lips or eyebrows. You wonder if such a sensitive area can support a laser session. The answer is yes. In fact, after the laser removal treatments, customers get better results and happier out of the query that those who have undergone remove pigments lips or eyebrows.

When will I see results?

Wider intervals treatment (2 to 3 months) allow recovery and normalization melanin in skin texture.

It is recommended to treat in intervals of 6 to 8 weeks, unless a longer recovery period of tissues is needed.

Once recovered tissues and always, repeat always following the advice of a specialist, you’ll submit to a new session of micropigmentation where a professional perform the new permanent maquilaje and which will use all his skill to apply the technique of correction and camouflage. It will combine colors creating equal to the nuances of your skin, leaving natural results and with whom you feel splendid and radiant.

An advice

Please shuns all these offerings on the street and you perform micropigmentation the same day that you walk through the front door. You can certainly get away with eyebrows to Paula Abdul in ochenteros best moments: D

Make sure the facility where you will realizarte permanent makeup meets the sanitary and hygiene regulations in force.