How to perform a Catrina makeup for Halloween night

Tips for accessories and costume

• With an appliqué flower shape, you can find in any store or surface, you will give a very sexy and successful Hispanic flavor as those pictured.

Another thing is to buy a headband with large flowers, such as wearing Frida Kahlo in her photographs or pictures. You can find it in the H & M stores to 12, 95 euros. If you find it a little face can always use a headband that you have at home and add artificial flowers wilt thou with a strong adhesive or silicone.

• earrings shaped earrings plastic or accounts will be the finishing touch for you resultes a real Catrina

• To disguise just have to use a long black dress certainly have at home. If not, ask for it to a friend. Buy a shawl or a scrap of cloth triangle-shaped flowers and Clip it by the shoulders or scarf.

Shoes leave them to your liking and comfort. From heeled shoes to boots are ideal for enjoying a Halloween night with all the Hispanic flavor.

• Avoid spending much money. Search house that can take advantage of both makeup and accessories.

• Search Internet catrinas photos or sugar skulls to inspire. You can also browse books and characterization body makeup if you want to achieve more impressive results.

• Encourage your child to enjoy the evening. In the picture you can see how easy it is to become

Happy Halloween!