How to organize your makeup

The women tend to accumulate tens of makeup products thanks to constant experimentation. It is important to know how to organize your makeup quickly and easily, especially if you are from women living a thousand miles per hour. Take a moment -for week or month- the “cleansing” of your cosmetics is also an essential part of your makeup routine, do not forget.

Before you start organizing, it is wise to get rid of those cosmetics that are past due or in poor condition. For more lipstick you like that you inherited your grandmother, check if it still worth using or if it is time to throw it away. Remember that the main pollutants live in the makeup you apply daily.

This is an important step for the organization of makeup. Like cosmetics up, brushes and other tools contain millions of bacteria that can jeopardize the health of your face. Do not just use soap and water – there is more effective to keep them sanitary and in good repair method. Store in plastic bags or in a special case for them.

Either that you have a small or even a full closet space, it is ideal to look organizers with compartments of various sizes. In this way, you will have more options to keep your makeup. He prefers those of acrylic, plastic or wood and clean them each month to avoid the accumulation of dust or dirt. Find different makeup organizers here.

Every woman has to use cosmetics in the day and others for special occasions. Depends on the space, I advise you to put makeup you use daily at the front, followed by makeup at night and in the back, the products rarely use.

Once you divide your makeup – day, night and special – it is imperative that now separate yourself according to their function. For example, mascaras, eyeliners and shadows are going in the same category, lipsticks, glosses and pencils to outline the mouth in another compartment. However, this is just an idea – you can organize your makeup products as brand, size, colors, etc. The possibilities are endless.

If you are women who live in a constant hurry or if you like to keep certain products in your wallet, a small case will always be your great ally. Choose one that is waterproof and go with your style of life, or the size of your bags. Here you can put essential to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Cleaning these cases is also important, do it once a week or when you change your portfolio, especially if you wear powders or brushes. The brand has dozens of Clinique makeup bags to help you organize your cosmetics.

To avoid accumulations of makeup products, consider buying those who really need or think you are going to use in the near future. Learning to invest in makeup and even brushes or tools intelligently is an art that you must master to perfection and the first step to organize your cosmetics – if you keep still thinking about this limited edition shades, try to get samples or coupons , try them and evaluate yourself if it is worth money.