How to make up a square face

Women with square face have a front and a wide and marked jaw, ie, the volume is at the bottom. If the face is rather wide, square it is named. Conversely, if the face is a little closer defined as rectangular. Although the proportion of the nose, forehead and chin is almost harmonious, the main objective in this type face is disguise angles jaw and cheeks.

1. Base makeup and concealer

You need a foundation of the same skin tone, or slightly lighter, you to apply over face. If you have dark circles or imperfections corrector makeup will need to focus on your eyes. Recommendation: Touche Eclat Yves Saint Laurent Concealer.

2. Compact Powder

Bronzing powders or refiners are the allies of any rectangular face. To cover the volume, you must create an “oval” that you will succeed by applying a dark shade on the sides of the forehead, on the temple, around the eyebrows and edges of the jaw.

Try, if possible, it is a blush with brown base and diffuses very well using brushes favorable. This technique requires patience to master, once you get your face look more visually fine. Recommendation: MAC Mineralize Sun Power Natural Skinfinish.

3. Flush

Apply clear flush in the center of your cheeks, above the cheekbones – remember that in the previous step used a dark tone on the edge of the same. With this you can illuminate the center of your face, diverting attention from your square features. Recommendation: Aveda Petal Essence Face Accents Peach Lights.

4. Face Illuminator

As a general rule, do not use highlighter on the forehead or chin. By contrast, use it in the center of the nose to the eyebrows. Do not forget to blend perfectly to avoid sharp lines. Recommendation: NARS Illuminator.

5. Eyebrows

In a square face, eyebrows are a very important focal point. Keep them polished and combed. Note that when you pluck, the ideal is a curved rather than straight lines, as this will help to “lift” your look.

6. Eyes

Women with a square face should highlight your eyes with a strong makeup. The light natural tones, brown and / or gray go from the tear to the eye center. Darker colors form a “V” so that they are closer to the temple. Use eyeliner and mascara volume, emphasizing from the middle to the outside of the eye. Recommendation: e.l.f Essentials Beauty Encyclopedia – Eye Editions, Milani Retractable Pencil For Eyes Easyliner and CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara.

7. Lips

Glare and creamy lipsticks, preferably in natural colors – peach, pink, neutral – focus the light toward the center of your face. Recommendation: Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Pout.