How to hide the crow’s feet (wrinkles in the eye)

Question: How disguise crow’s feet (wrinkles in the eye)

The famous crow’s feet, well known among women, are those little wrinkles that appear around the eye area and, although there is no miracle solution to stop time, you can disguise itself with key products.

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Wrinkles in the eye area, especially premature depend on several factors: genetics, habits, beauty routine, etc. The important thing is that there is no exact age for starting to show. Before resorting to Botox, there are alternatives that temporarily hide, for example, creams or serums specific to that area.

They do not fill itself -only wrinkles are creating a layer that softens and, with perseverance and patience, crow’s feet are less marked. Take note that this does not promise them disappear altogether! Dr. Lewinn test by Kinerase Instant Wrinkle Dermal Filler or Nuance Salma Hayek Anti-Aging Wrinkle Filler Eye Serum, both are safe and inexpensive treatments.

Now, hide wrinkles with makeup is somewhat different and it will not work like a woman of 25 years in another 60. The less deep the line expression, the easier it will be. The key is to use cosmetics creamy texture (powdered versions are not absolute, since accentuate wrinkles) or with ingredients that help smooth the surface. Nor try to cover the area with dozens of products it will look heavier and run the risk of looking stiff.

The base effect “lifting” and light correction could become your greatest allies. Be sure not to apply frost or glitter near wrinkles. Recommendations: Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation and Clinique Airbrush Concealer.

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Of course, the most effective way to disguise the crow’s feet starts from within. Try to moisturize your eyes area “potions” designed to combat wrinkles, removes makeup perfectly and Make facial gymnastics! Light tapping with your fingertips several times a day -opta activate circulation by this same technique to apply makeup.

Another trick? Ice cubes or eucalyptus masks miracles if you are consistent. Finally, if your budget allows, it acquires more advanced devices that allow you to win the battle against wrinkles from the comfort of your home. Two favorites? LightStim for Wrinkles and BMR Face … worth the investment! In addition, FDA are approved in the United States, so you can use them with confidence.